90 girls aiming at traditional folk music has been a member of the Chinese Musicians Association

90 girls aiming at traditional folk music has been a member of the Chinese Musicians Association

general 90 girl love is what the modern dance, piano, for "little traditional folk music" to be understood, there is a girl after 90 business took aim at the "traditional folk music", the young she has become a "big man".


2013 in June, just graduated from college and was invited to serve as Pengcheng television music competition judges, of which there is a program that is on the stage of Guzheng performances, see the children carefully playing guzheng, but they are not accurate enough and professional performance techniques that sit under her deep feelings.

"as a professional guzheng practitioners, it makes me feel has the responsibility and obligation to spread Chinese traditional culture." Zhan Pengcheng said that this dream has always been wandering in her mind, so she abandoned the parents for the establishment of the cause of their career planning, initiation of the idea of establishing a guzheng training school in his hometown.

however, learn guzheng for so many years, almost exhausted all their savings at home, if we set up a professional training school, it will be a lot of investment, however enlightened parents to support her daughter’s career, launched around all the relatives and friends to raise funds.

the difficulty met policy support

"through the application, I soon received a subsidy of 5000 yuan venture, with the support of national policy, my heart bottom, so the country to support students’ entrepreneurship, with a strong policy they must work harder now." Zhan Pengcheng said, in order to find a convenient parents and children learn to send the teacher’s place, she almost traveled all the streets near the West Primary and secondary schools. Finally found a school, away from residential areas, bus stations are convenient and real.

funds and venues are determined, and then to the local business sector Pengcheng consulting for business licenses. "Two pieces of recommendation

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