Xiamen Spring Festival warmth elderly eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve

Xiamen Spring Festival warmth elderly eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve

Spring Festival is a day of reunion, but a lot of people can not be reunited with their families for various reasons or because of their own economic reasons, leading to their own can not lead a good year. Steamed crab, steamed fish dishes, sea food and poultry in gentiana…… On the evening of 21, Tianzhu community was bustling, a delicious dishes are on the table, sitting around the table is over 30 orphans, the poor elderly in the community. This is Haicang District Party Committee Propaganda Department Party branch volunteers together Haicang cross-strait volunteer union public service team, the Tianzhu community union volunteer team of volunteers, for the old people to send the warmth of the dinner on New Year’s Eve, the old people all smile.

from the northeast of Li Jing three years ago with his children moved to Tianzhu community, he repeatedly praised Haicang is a humane place! It is understood that this is the dawn of public service team in third years to celebrate the event held in haicang. As in previous years, this year all the dishes by pledging volunteers. In addition, the size of the new year’s dinner by the volunteers to do all the things. After dinner, the volunteers are also sent to the elderly by the people of the community and corporate donations of edible oil, nutrition and other condolences.



people made 100 feast "cooking" LinLiQing thick

20 at noon, a community college in Haixing, fragrant 100 feast held warm in.

the same day at 11 in the morning, the residents have to bring their own specialty dishes, nearly all of the dishes of different flavors of a different way to make up a table of sumptuous reunion dinner in the 40. Both the local special snack, Haicang fried oysters, fried spiced Griddle Cake, also in Nanping Jianou, Putian Xianyou farmers satisfied at the end of the taro crab, Zhoukou Henan Braised Pork with Vermicelli, these are all essential in New Year’s Eve family reunion dinner dishes. Residents are invited to the community empty nest elderly, low share of food sharing, live enjoyable.

Xiamen Spring Festival warmth, the elderly eat incense, and the progress of the society, to help poor people more and more, this is a very positive thing. At the same time, it is understood that the new Xiamen Haixing community is composed of people, migrants and local residents in the form of new resettlement community, this is the Community College held the third 100 feast. Chen Jihong from Henan is the second time to participate in the 100 feast. She said that such activities will not only allow people from all walks of life gathered in a taste of local cuisine, but also closer to the distance between residents.

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