How should join the Hot pot pier story location around the

How should join the Hot pot pier story location around the

wharf story hot pot? Has been a very hot pot culture to join the project. After the accumulation of time, the entrepreneurial choice of popular join the project, is a very wise choice. What are the requirements of the hot pot site?

wharf story pot should be how to choose?

How to choose the location of the

wharf story hot pot site selection skills:

shopping mall or supermarket in this: strong spending power, consumer quality is high, and most of them in the business center, more suitable for open shop " ", can save the rent and decoration of many investment not only, and can form a joint promotion and business, expand product sales, retail investors is preferred.

business downtown: Wharf story hot pot should be how to choose the location of a large shopping district, the flow of people, the rapid consumption, impulse buyers, high consumption. Here is some people dating, chat, shopping and rest motivation a gathered place, especially on weekends and holidays more customers, so we must consider the good availability of goods, to ensure the normal supply of.

Cultural District: students are the main customers in this area. There is no obvious difference between peak and light in a day. And most of the children who send their children to school for housewives and the elderly, these people may become our old customers.

residential areas: This lot of customers in the vicinity of the main residents, mostly for fixed consumer groups, the focus is on how to reflect the warm hospitality and high quality services.

places of entertainment, tourist attractions: This lot of customers for the field of tourists, for local food curiosity, strong desire to buy, easy to sell. Local people will also choose to play with convenient food, the market is more optimistic.

large industrial areas or development zones: many migrant workers, fellow party, colleagues treat, huge consumption potential.

other places: such as supermarkets, convenience stores, airports, theaters, bazaars, computer city, a variety of professional shopping centers, hospitals and other places are a good choice.


story is in terminal Hot pot to join, the entrepreneurs should pay attention to the business with a small capital. Quality project selection, worthy of our attention. Dock story pot to join the project, you are still hesitant what?

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