Xining five advance as the foundation of educational practice

Xining five advance as the foundation of educational practice

early deployment of work, early construction of the carrier, research carried out as early as possible, as early as possible to prepare for rectification." Xining city to focus on the "five early", "the real thing" genuinely and sincerely to the masses, turn style, laid a solid foundation for the party’s mass line educational practice smooth start.

as the second batch of educational practice activities in the region, since July last year, Xining City formulated the "preparatory work for the party’s mass line educational practice implementation plan", arrange the publicity, carry out the "three questions" essay activities, seminars, national unity and progress of advanced areas to create, improve the style, looking ahead and six to solve all kinds of problems such as the content of the construction work leading group of the Party committee led the implementation of early, build a platform to advance publicity, making the atmosphere rich carrier. Through the organization of Party members and cadres focus to watch the movie "Zhou Enlai’s four day", for the city’s Party organizations at all levels and county level leading cadres above the mass line "," order "the party’s mass line educational practice learning selected documents" and other teaching materials, carry out the "Marx materialism and the mass line of the party" seminar essay activities open education practice, belongs to each column in the media, the establishment of the team at the grass-roots level to carry out the mass line and Tibet stability of ideological education propaganda activities, organize 15 municipal Party cadres, 274 county (Department) level leading cadres and 78 towns (street) Party (workers) committee secretary taught lectures 407 hours. To lay a solid foundation for Xining city to carry out educational practice activities to prepare.

at the same time, the city set up a special research team in-depth grassroots research, combing the cadres reflect the four winds in the following aspects of the problem, a total of 36 articles. Actively respond to the grassroots cadres under the action, sent more than a thousand cadres into the ethnic villages and towns, rural areas, communities, businesses, schools, temples, completed 5604 projects for the private sector. Has invited some NPC deputies and CPPCC members, composed of 69 inspection teams dispatched 2556 passengers, 271 times to carry out a thorough investigation, focusing on the 165, the city’s 195 departments and units of work discipline, attitude, efficiency, and other official vehicles conducted a thorough investigation. In 2013, the municipal government and the office of the documents issued in the name fell 12%, with the name of municipal Party committee and municipal government meeting fell 18%, "NPC and CPPCC" meeting expenses fell 36.7%; the city of internal organs and units of 49 publications in the clean-up, cancel the closure of 10; an official reception fee decreased by 35.7%; the official car purchase costs fell 52%.


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