The province’s first district Party committee in Xining west of Richpower pedestrian street

The province’s first district Party committee in Xining west of Richpower pedestrian street

May 27th, Xining City West District ring Xinning Square shopping district Party committee "in Richpower pedestrian street was established, marking the" party alliance party circle + + business "officially formed, opened my province district of new development model integration type".

ring sunning Plaza is one of the most gathered the business district and catering area, existing enterprises and individual businesses more than 500, 21 Party organizations, liangmingshenfen Party member 124, the number of non-public enterprises, the business scope relates to commodity, commerce, catering, medical and other industries.

in recent years, Party members, Party members and Party members contact pocket increasing flow within the District, the party organization can not find the party members, Party members not liangmingshenfen, Party organizations in enterprises to integrate the resources of enterprises and building resources. In order to break the lack of coordination, the situation alone, the west area with the concept of "great party" thinking to create a red circle, the establishment of district Party committee of Xinning square ring, the integration of enterprise resources and building district resources, the district party advantages into development advantages, out of a new Road business district construction integrated development.

ring district Party committee will focus on the sunning Plaza services district economic development as the goal, focus on a good market boom in this game, the director of the committee, members of the unit held a meeting, joint research to solve the party construction work within the district and other major issues, to guide the business flow Party member liangmingshenfen, development district staff members, growing district party members team. Through the build dynamic mechanism, grasp the organization construction, resource sharing platform, office activities, plastic district culture, create enterprise brand, and guide the enterprises to establish the concept of values, polymerization enterprise resource advantages, formed by the district Party committee, Party building is the core of enterprise party organization based in Party construction mode, the realization of the party organization and the party’s work full coverage. On the party building work to promote the development of enterprises, to guide the party organizations and members of enterprises around the enterprise culture construction, production and operation of enterprises and the harmony and stability play a role in efforts to form interactive party take the stage for enterprises.


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