The power of crying

The power of crying

March 31, 2017
adminThe power of crying

"the power of example is infinite, people get power in crying to get positive energy." Responsible comrades of Datong several evening news stories this evaluation of family effect. Good evening news story will come four, last week into the chase, wherever he went, one upward, friendly, harmonious, sunshine family stories always echo in our ears, the family’s hero and exemplary behavior and their noble personality, vividly tell us what is good. The morning of July 11th 10, in support of Datong County Bridge in the town government, the Xining evening news story in the family bridge in the town of ore community square again for people to create a spiritual feast, in the appeal of love, filial piety, persistence, dedication and traditional Chinese virtues, hundreds of audience burst into tears. This morning, after the rain, although the weather is a bit cold, but the community has long been the county’s mineral community, hundreds of listeners from all communities have long been waiting for. A tough mother, a loving husband, a dutiful daughter-in-law…… A touching story of these lovely people soon put the majority of the audience emotions, he laughed, they also laughed, he cried, they are full of tears, the story suddenly filled the air in the warm spirit of coolness.

from the town of the people of the North Road, the community of single mother, often with her thin arm for her limbs disabled son and daughter leaves propped up a day. 2002 year only 4 months of small leaves, abandoned by their parents, Chang Yanyun adopted her face disabled son and sickly young leaves, meager income of Chang Yanyun did not favour one more than another she vowed,, no matter how hard the life will bring up small leaves, let her go to college…… Here, sitting next to the small leaves had tears, holding flowers to the mother, mother and daughter cried, cried the mother leaves, I must Study hard to repay your upbringing. For this family of three, the road is very long, but they Xiangyixiangwei through tending the hardships, Thanksgiving will harvest happiness, hundreds of audience don’t applaud them, but also moved to tears.

in the coal district court are often seen with a wheelchair with his wife in the sun to keep a good husband and wife suffering from rheumatism paralysis in bed for 10 years, various complications ensued, but to save a day and night to take care of his wife always never abandon, living, work leisure time with a wheelchair with his wife sun. Go hand in hand. Sitting in a wheelchair, his wife said affectionately, this 10 years of life he gave me, although every day I have been suffering, but as long as he is with me I feel very sweet, a hand to save his wife wiped away tears, knowing the couple look at each other, many listeners have. Is full of tears.

in the scene, Qiaotou town vice mayor Ma Xiuqing said, the evening through innovation, with the story this form and occasion of promoting the construction of spiritual civilization, is conducive to cultivate and promote the socialist core values of the social atmosphere, does not affect the core values like air, is omnipresent.


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