Sports fitness equipment wide coverage of agricultural and pastoral areas in Xining attracted fitnes

Sports fitness equipment wide coverage of agricultural and pastoral areas in Xining attracted fitnes

since last year, the village built an activity square, resettlement of a variety of sports equipment, the town of Huangyuan County, the town of pulling the village of Wei aunt almost every day with only two year old grandson to play on the square. Wei aunt and other aunt who danced fitness dance, little grandson is in the fitness equipment on the "practice" — especially playing like treading on a bike like the kind of fitness equipment, fast, smooth and long time, generally four or five years old children are not as good as his kung fu deep, often attracted the fitness crowd of people. Wei aunt laughed and said: "little more than a year old toddler just started, the more practice the more strong legs……"

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, is a reporter recently with the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau comrades in charge of the investigation to see Huangyuan. According to reports, this year, the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau at the Provincial Sports Bureau’s support, listen to public opinion, the solution of the people, improve people’s livelihood, invested 1 million 250 thousand yuan of funds for the construction of Sports Square for the agricultural and pastoral areas of the masses, and promote the development of Huangzhong, Huangyuan and Datong three county matching funds invested 3 million 300 thousand yuan in the cultural entertainment rally and other uses square construction, at the same time the sports facilities in all 20 towns in three counties of the 62 military enterprises build a model village, provides a platform for rural fitness fitness enthusiasts.

these provide entertainment platform for the majority of rural communities, the villagers really bring joy. Huangyuan County pool culture Han Cun fitness center, is also a big square by the sports department free placement a variety of fitness equipment. Sooner or later every day, the square is also busy than the market. "The music sound of a woman, the old man who, in his wife, in small, could not drink a bowl of soup, put it, dancing, singing, fitness…… You guys don’t have a party this day, just like nothing……" The square is holding on to hold the same as the ship’s rudder fitness equipment and the rotation of the old man said, "now, farm work light, the standard of living is high, our farmers’ fitness needs are increasing. Every day so fun, good, not sick, people’s health."

Xining city to meet the needs of the majority of the villagers fitness, quality and safety in equipment procurement. According to the survey feedback, they arranged a number of procurement in line with national standards and the conditions of rural sports equipment. Gan Cunde, deputy director of the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, said that in the past we chose a box type basketball stand, but often stolen. Now, by investigation and feedback, we selected is buried aoruite brand basket. Not only to prevent the loss, but also because it is buried underground, collision, the villagers feel beautiful, suitable and durable. Huangyuan County Shen Xiang Mobulacun in a more than and 70 year old man is not a basketball fan. Last year, the village built more than a football field in the "leisure style musical fountain square, mo old childhood love of basketball, to become the village basketball star, his passing attack and Defense Technology in the eyes of the villagers that is quite serious. Mo old man said: "when I lived on the mountain, I like to play basketball. At that time, the top of the field only palm, in order to prevent the ball into the ditch, with a long thin rope tied to the ball, the ball flew back…… Moreover, the basketball frame often fall hurt. After the relocation of the whole village here, the government not only to build a building,;

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