West District of Xining city hit five battle started

West District of Xining city hit five battle started

March 15th, clean home circle, create civilization, volunteers in action environmental sanitation clean-up activities will be synchronized in all the streets of the West District, opened the prelude to the city hit a battle. It is reported that the battle will hit the city this year to the west area of the people’s sense of happiness and satisfaction for the pursuit of the "national civilized city evaluation system" as the basis, work in five aspects, grasp the key, details, break.

economic construction, West District will develop the modern service industry as structural adjustments to the way the strategic focus, accelerate the industry transformation, third level upgrade, enhance the radiation of modern service industry and driving function, ensure to reach or exceed the objectives and tasks, to lay a solid economic foundation for a city. Infrastructure, accelerate the construction of mass culture and Art Center, to achieve fitness facilities, village culture leisure small square full coverage, building a number of environmental sanitation facilities, the implementation of the "comprehensive transformation of three" hospital building facilities, improve the living environment of residents. Install the guardrail on the 54 street, Haiyan Road, 71 Road extension and other main roads, the implementation of small market, Jia Xing Hai Lu market delisting road engineering, ease traffic congestion and other problems. The construction of the city in the water, the water in the urban ecological landscape; to further promote the construction of three level platform integrated information community social service management district, streets, and grid management as the carrier, overall planning, integration of resources, improve the social management innovation. In environmental governance, combined with the urban environment quality enhancing activities, intensify the management of road management, mobile stalls. To the construction site, muck truck transportation, city dog management, management of illegal construction, regulate parking and traffic civilization; key parts on the Plaza, commercial street, primary and secondary roads and suburban environmental remediation, effectively solve the outstanding problems affecting the city environment.

in addition, the full implementation of the comprehensive community affairs center of "one-stop" services, and actively create 15 minutes convenient service circle, according to the actual problems of the masses satisfaction evaluation reflects the development of effective improvement measures, and earnestly perform their duties responsibly, impartial law enforcement, enthusiastic service, improve government environmental quality. At the same time, innovative ways to promote the work, to carry out civilized people, civilized behavior – pictures, video collection activities, so that the masses to participate in the creation of activities, and constantly expand the coverage of the creation of activities, influence. (author: Zhang Xi Tao)

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