The hearts of the people under the pen of the truth

The hearts of the people under the pen of the truth

2016 November 30th, from the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng speech in the province’s public opinion forum just a week past. Qinghai daily news reporter went to Huzhu Tu Autonomous County town of fifty classes Yan Village Grassroots development". The winter season, the reporter in the eye is a be in full swing scene: neat rows of houses, a regular Village Road, new village comprehensive service center and Cultural Plaza, happy busy moving out from the village, just ditch the village a vitality. The newspaper reporter villagers pulled into his window that shiny new homes, pulled a homemade all sorts of gossip. For 4 days, the reporter walked through the village in the field, recording every honest words, every happy smile: "we have been surrounded by a true sense of happiness!" In December 5th, the "Qinghai daily" front page, four edition of linkage, depth of class "Yan Cun reports illustrated, the more rewarding the" good day "new life" to launch a new scene, with the communication soil with 4 color picture, to show the life view of village relocation of poverty to the people of the province, with many the behavior reported touches with deep feeling of applause.

2016 in November 23rd, Wang Guosheng, Secretary of the provincial Party committee to the central green and the province’s major news unit research, presided over the province’s news media forum. He encouraged everyone to remember fondly and important speech of General Secretary Xi to do the news public opinion work, keep in mind the general secretary four adhere to the "four journalists" kindly told, stick to the development thought of taking people as the center, to show people’s style, reflect popular sound.

only the most touching. Yan village class is reported, the news front positive action to the General Secretary Xi an important speech on good news public opinion work spirit as a guide, deepening turn to go change, for the "three close", a microcosm of fresh hot real achievements in grassroots reports implement the spirit of the speech in the news wangguosheng public forum.

also in November 30, 2016, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department carefully planned, formulated and issued the "on the" deepening "go turn change" 100 day competition "activities of the notice", just a month’s time, the Xinhua News Agency Qinghai branch, Qinghai branch of people’s daily, Qinghai daily, Qinghai radio and TV station, West City Xining evening news, and a number of new media sent a group of reporters into the source of Sanjiang, into the snow pasture, into factories, into the rural community, more than 1 thousand and 100 pieces of fresh grass manuscript have hit the newspapers, fly on the screen. Carry out the spirit of the six plenary session of the CPC Central Committee, carry out the "four solid" major requirements, push forward the "Four Transformations", and focus on the "top six""…… The decision of the provincial government’s decision to drop small, reflected in the newspaper screen, but also reflected in the grassroots practice, reflected in the consensus of cadres and the masses.

assume responsibility, guidance in the hearts of

Secretary of the provincial Party committee held a news conference on the afternoon of the second day of the forum, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Ministry of public security in the green and


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