Xining will go to World Expo Milan show charm

Xining will go to World Expo Milan show charm

leveraging "The Belt and Road" construction, Xining is facing a rare historical opportunity, this year, the municipal government to speed up the pace of opening up, with an open attitude, open wisdom, planning a new round of progress and development. In July 24th, with the 2015 Italy World Expo in Milan, Xining will go abroad again, to show the world of infinite charm, through participation in organized cultural, economic and trade activities, to further promote exchanges and cooperation between Xining and the international economy and culture, expand the opening to the outside world.

Xining will go to Milan show charm

in the "summer bloom Xining Expo" as the theme of the Xining city day activities, will be at the Milan World Expo Chinese Museum wonderful curtain mainly show the charm of folk art, in the "Xining elements", to show the world cultural heritage and the unique charm of Qinghai Xining. This is the first time to organize a delegation to go abroad to participate in the city of World Expo, but also one of the city’s "going out" initiatives this year. On the day of the event will invite 80 customers with Qinghai specialty products exhibition, with the Milan World Expo platform to expand Xining’s international influence, promote Xining and European countries in agriculture, tourism, trade and economic cooperation.

Xining World Expo

color elements

the meticulous organization and preparation, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce for the rich and colorful gift for this activity: the quality of agricultural products, advanced scientific and technological achievements, magnificent landscape style, colorful theatrical performance. City wide Bureau will also feature staged product display, plateau style show, economic and trade fair, cultural exchanges and other colorful activities, so that the Xining element has become a major highlight of the Expo site.

activities include important meeting, opening ceremony and reception, the Silk Road Economic Zone and agricultural enterprises docking forum and visit the World Expo Pavilion and other special events, as well as the situation in Xining City, Xining City, Xining propaganda display green food theme of cultural and non cultural performances and other exhibition activities. Between the date of the event, Xining will also hold the charm of Xining photography exhibition.

Xining Expo exhibition style

As the world’s highest level, the oldest international exhibition activities, World Expo has a huge brand value, to promote international exchanges and cooperation has an irreplaceable important role in the

. To make full use of the platform of World Expo to promote economic and social development in Xining, Xining exhibition opening image, enhance the level of opening up, the city of Xining for a level of activities and characteristics, I invited a number of countries and international organizations, an important overseas business association and the world renowned business representatives, who attended the international friendly activities. According to the current theme of the World Expo, Xining City, not only around the agriculture, food and food theme features, elaborate Xining propaganda, organization culture and cultural heritage theme green food exhibition, will also actively carry out investment promotion and a series of high-level economic and trade promotion activities, and strive to introduce a number of major investment projects.


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