Is the Nunavut government turning Clyde Rivers cultural centre into a rehab

first_imgKent DriscollAPTN NewsSome residents in Clyde River, Nunavut are wondering if their cultural centre is going to be turned into a place of rehabilitation for people with drug and alcohol problems.That’s because of a question from Pangnirtung MLA Margaret Nakashook who asked in the legislature if the government was still considering repurposing the facility into a rehab centre.The answer “still considering” is what is getting all the

Transatlantic budget flying gets a reality check

first_imgREYKJAVIK, Iceland — For those hoping for ever cheaper fares on long-haul flights, this month’s takeover of Icelandic airline Wow is not good news.The struggling airline, which specializes in ultra-cheap flights between North America and Europe, was taken over by Iceland’s flagship carrier, Icelandair, for just $18 million. Its rescue is a reality check for an industry hoping to apply the budget flying model to long-haul routes.And for now it means that passengers from, say, Washington will likely have to pay more than the $99 teaser rates previously offered for the six and half-hour trip to the Icelandic capital, which serves as a stopover to mainland Europe.“It simply costs more than $99 to fly between continents and Wow air has not found ways around it,” said Kristjan Sigurjonsson, editor of local travel news site Turisti.While Wow will continue as a separate brand for now, Sigurjonsson says it’s unclear whether Icelandair will have it continue offering such low fares in an attempt to compete with Norwegian Air, which is offering cheap flights at a loss to gain market share.But for now, the numbers don’t add up for budget long-haul flying.Part of the business model for low-cost flying across the Atlantic depends on getting cheaper airport slots, both by departing at odd hours and by flying to smaller cities in the United States. Wow flies to St Louis and Pittsburgh, for example. The low fares, in turn, mean planes are typically full.Wow flies across the Atlantic with single-aisle, narrow-body Airbus A321 jets. Being smaller than a widebody plane makes them easier to fill, an important consideration in keeping down costs per seat. They are also cheaper than two-aisle planes. Wow’s jets are relatively new, meaning they are more fuel-efficient than some competitors’ fleets.However, those savings have been squeezed in the past couple years as oil prices have risen. The U.S. benchmark for oil has risen 50 per cent from late 2016 to a peak of $75 in September this year, before easing back somewhat.For a budget airline like Wow, where margins are already tight, that means a direct hit to earnings. On top of that, wages have been rising sharply in Iceland, where its employees are based.Founded in 2012, the airline expanded fast to 37 destinations and reported up to 60 per cent annual growth in passenger numbers. Its revenue per passenger, however, has not kept up and fell by about 20 per cent in 2017, according to the last earnings report.About 70 per centper cent of Wow’s passengers travel between Europe and North America. Combined with Icelandair, the airlines will carry about 3.8 per cent of transatlantic passengers, according to analysts at Icelandair.Experts say that what budget airlines like Wow lack is the big source of money from transatlantic flying: business travellers. The New York-London route is the most lucrative in the world, thanks to the amount of business travelling done between the two financial hubs. British Airways takes in a reported $1 billion a year between those cities alone.Budget airlines have been trying to tap that market. Wow created a new business-class scheme and in a presentation to investors this year it predicted that would help it make a profit this quarter. Norwegian Air has also offered “Premium class without the premium price,” reportedly with modest success.But it remains to be seen whether companies booking trips will agree to pick budget airlines over established carriers that are often seen as more reliable because they have bigger fleets and deeper pockets.“The established airlines have loyalty programs that hold tight to the most lucrative clients,” said Skarphedinn Steinarsson, former CEO of low-cost carrier IcelandExpress and the director of the Icelandic Tourist Board. “It takes longer to win this group over than the typical bargain-hunter.”For now, it is the flagship carrier coming out on top.Wow founder and CEO Skuli Mogensen urged his staff Monday to “look at this as an opportunity to continue our journey now as a part of a much stronger group”.The charismatic boss, who has in the past mocked Icelandair as “outdated” and used his image to represent the airline, acknowledge defeat with much understatement: “It was not part of the original game plan.”Egill Bjarnason, The Associated Presslast_img read more

Social Media Users Denounce Saudi Cleric Mohamed al-Arifi’s Lecture in Morocco

Rabat – The lecture of Saudi preacher Mohamed al-Arifi on October 25, in Rabat is stirring controversy in Morocco.Moroccan social media users denounce the event, which will be organized by the Movement for Unification and Reform on October 25, in Rabat under the theme “The Role of the Quran in Shaping the Human Being.”Opponents of the lecture claim that the preacher condones terrorism and supports al-Qaeda in Syria. Accusation against Al Arifi flared up after his statement on Al Jazeera channel in February 2013 when he said that Oussama Bin Laden “was a victim of wide-level character assassination.”During the same interview, the Saudi cleric, who has over 18 million followers on Facebook and almost 13 millions on Twitter, claimed that the terrorist organization “does not tolerate bloodshed.”“These beliefs in fact are not correct. Al-Qaeda members do not tolerate accusing other Muslims of apostasy and they do not tolerate bloodshed. I am not part of al-Qaeda and I do not adopt their thinking, but Allah says: ‘And when you testify, be just,’” Arifi said.“Even al-Qaeda leader Sheikh Oussama Bin Laden, may his soul rest in peace, did not adopt many of the thoughts that are attributed to him today,” he added.After A serious critical backlash from his followers on social media, the religious scholar backtracked and said he was not defending Al Qaeda.“I am not in a position to defend them; I am not one of them, but again ‘when you testify, be just.”Al Arifi made also headlines when called on parents to prevent their daughters from revealing clothes in their presence.The 45-year-old Muslim cleric is known for his constant opposition and condemnation towards inhumane behaviors of ISIS and Bashar al-Assad’s regime.The Unification and Reform (or in Arabic, “Attawhid Wal Isslah”) is a religious movement established in 1996 by Ahmad Raissouni. It is the advocacy part of the current ruling party in Morocco (PJD). read more

Womens Hockey Lone overtime goal ends Ohio States title hopes in 10

Ohio State redshirt junior goalie Kassidy Sauve (32) prepares for a shot in the first period of the game against Minnesota on Jan. 19. Ohio State won 3-2. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorThe Ohio State women’s hockey team’s improbable season came to a close Friday night when it fell 1-0 to the defending NCAA champions, top-seeded Clarkson, in sudden death overtime in the semifinals of the Frozen Four. The Buckeyes and the Knights entered the tournament as the top teams from their respective conferences. It was the first time in program history the Buckeyes appeared in the Frozen Four and the third consecutive appearance for the Knights. Ohio State and Clarkson headed into overtime after three scoreless periods despite 63 combined shots.Clarkson broke the scoreless tie and advanced to the national championship game when  freshman forward Loren Gabel scored the game’s only goal 16:12 into overtime. Clarkson freshman forward Elizabeth Giguere and sophomore forward Michaela Pejzlova were credited with assists. Although the game was scoreless until overtime, excitement struck in the second period when a Buckeye puck shot by redshirt sophomore defender Jincy Dunne passed Clarkson senior goaltender Shea Tiley. But the Ohio State goal was negated due to a penalty. The Buckeyes outshot Clarkson with 41 shots on net, but Tiley saved every shot. Ohio State redshirt junior goaltender Kassidy Sauve saved 33 of the 34 shots that came her way. The winner of the second semifinal game between Colgate and Wisconsin will take on Clarkson for the NCAA championship on Sunday. read more

MVPs Used To Need A Good Team Behind Them Then Mike Trout

9Xander BogaertsBOS.53636.5 An MVP candidate can always use more team successModeled probability of a league WAR leader winning the MVP award, based on his gap over the No. 2 player in WAR and on the deficit in winning percentage between the teams of the two players 4Justin VerlanderHOU✓.645>996.8 WAR Lead-.200-.180-.150-.130-.100-.080-.050-.030 +0.5027%31%36%40%45%50%55%59% WAR through games on Sept. 4, 2019.Source:, FanGraphs 6Lance LynnTEX✓.486<16.8 8Marcus SemienOAK.583796.5 +2.503338424752576266 +3.003540444954596368 10George SpringerHOU.645>996.3 5Mike MinorTEX✓.486<16.8 +3.503741465156616569 The AL MVP race has a lot going onTop 10 players in the 2019 American League by wins above replacement, plus team record and playoff odds (according to the FiveThirtyEight model) RkPlayerTeamPitcher?Team WPctPlayoff OddsWAR/162 +1.503034394449535863 7Mookie BettsBOS.53636.6 3Matt ChapmanOAK.583796.9 Many of the other elite performers on this list are matching the mold Trout has fit all too often: great player, not-so-great team. Texas’s Mike Minor and Lance Lynn have each had unexpectedly outstanding seasons, but the Rangers are below .500 — and again, pitchers are usually undervalued in MVP voting anyway. Boston has two top-line candidates in defending MVP right fielder Mookie Betts and shortstop Xander Bogaerts (plus a third if you count third baseman Rafael Devers, who ranks 12th in AL WAR), but the champs have almost no chance of making the postseason. The best of the A’s duo, Chapman, is on pace to run nearly 3 full WAR behind Trout by year’s end. And Houston has hoarded enough elite individual performances to potentially dilute each player’s MVP case, leaving Bregman as just one of many Astros who could claim credit for the team’s blistering 104-win pace this season.Perhaps all of this is why Trout is such an overwhelming favorite in the betting odds for the award. As of Sept. 2, the money line on Trout winning MVP was -1000, which implies a 90.9 percent chance of taking home the hardware.5Before adjusting for the bookmakers’ “take” on each bet. (Running second in the odds, with a 12.5 percent implied probability, was actually DJ LeMahieu of the Yankees, who ranks only 14th in the league in WAR, followed by Bregman at 9.1 percent.)Seldom in the entire history of baseball would voters consider the best player on a 74-win team — even a player as great as Trout — worthy of the game’s top individual honor. But in a season when so many other top players are either also toiling on bad teams or facing vote-splitting amongst star teammates, Trout appears to be the choice regardless of whether you prefer the “best” or “most valuable” player as your MVP.Check out our latest MLB predictions. 1Mike TroutLAA.461<1%9.7 2Alex BregmanHOU.645>997.9 Mike Trout’s WAR as of Sept. 4, prorated over 162 games, was 1.9 WAR ahead of No. 2 Alex Bregman, and Bregman’s team is +.184 ahead of Trout’s in winning percentage.Source:, FanGraphs No sport loves parsing out the “best player” vs. “most valuable” argument in MVP debates more than baseball. Sure, the NBA hasn’t given its MVP to a player on a nonplayoff team since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1976. But the best basketball players exert so much more influence on the game than their baseball counterparts that it’s difficult to have individual success without the team coming along for the ride. For MLB players, however, we frequently see good — and even historically great — seasons on bad teams. That creates a perfect recipe for all those endless debates about what “value” really means.Will it happen again this year? Some of the ingredients are there in the American League. AL wins above replacement1Using our JEFFBAGWELL metric to combine and FanGraphs WAR figures. leader Mike Trout is tracking for 9.7 WAR (prorated to 162 team games), which would once again rank among the top 100 individual campaigns by a batter since 1901. (He’s already had three of those in his eight full MLB seasons, and he came extraordinarily close to a fourth in 2013.) But his Los Angeles Angels are, once again, lousy. Our predictions think they’ll finish 20 games out of the playoff race, with a lowly 74-88 record.But before we dig in for one more round of online MVP bickering, another factor should come into play: This year’s AL MVP landscape is weird. There’s so much else going on, Trout could very well avoid too much friction along his path to putting a third Kenesaw Mountain Landis Award on his mantle.First, how big is Trout’s edge in individual value? The gap between his WAR and that of Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman, who ranks second in the AL, is 1.9 wins if prorated over 162 games. (That’s basically an entire season’s worth of value from an average player!) Limiting to cases in which the top two in WAR were both position players, the only league leader since 2002 with a wider gap came in the 2012 AL, when Trout himself was 2.5 wins ahead of No. 2 Robinson Cano. (Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera famously took home the MVP instead after winning the Triple Crown.) About three-quarters of WAR leaders in the modern MVP award era2Since 1931. lead the league by a smaller margin than Trout is on pace to beat Bregman by.Historically speaking, though, Trout’s MVP case would be better served if he were on a team with a slightly better record, even if his personal stats were worse. To examine this, I built a model3Using a Lasso classification regression on data since 1995. predicting a league WAR leader’s chances of winning the MVP based on his differentials (relative to the No. 2 player) in both WAR and team winning percentage.4I also accounted for whether the player was a pitcher — which significantly downgrades MVP odds after holding WAR constant — and whether the season came since WAR hit the big time as an MVP metric in 2012, which makes a WAR leader more likely to win MVP. According to the model, Trout would have better MVP odds than he currently does — with a 1.9-WAR lead on a .461 winning-percentage team — if his WAR lead got trimmed to a half-win but his team won just three or four more ballgames: +2.003236414550556065 +1.002933374247525661 (It’s worth noting that this effect is more descriptive than causal — we don’t know how Trout, or any other player, would play on a different team alongside better teammates. But for the purposes of illustration, it’s clear that MVP voters are traditionally very responsive to players on better teams, even if they have a much smaller WAR lead than Trout currently has over Bregman.)In general, MVP voters have long tended to smile more on players with solid stats on winning teams than players with dominant numbers amidst a string of defeats. Only seven modern-era MVP winners were on teams with a losing record: Giancarlo Stanton (2017), Trout (2016), Alex Rodriguez (2003), Cal Ripken Jr. (1991), Andre Dawson (1987) and Ernie Banks (1958 and 1959). And among those, only three played for a team whose record was as bad as the current Angels’ is: Trout in 2016, Rodriguez in 2003 and Ripken in 1991. Similar to his MVP bid in 2016, another Trout win would be a rare victory for great players on bad teams — and another sign that voters are redefining the way they make that distinction between the “most valuable” and “best” players.But Trout might also get some help from just how scattershot the competition is in this year’s AL MVP race. Aside from Bregman and fellow Astros Justin Verlander and George Springer, Oakland’s Matt Chapman and Marcus Semien are the only other members of the AL’s top 10 in WAR on a team with any kind of playoff odds whatsoever. WPCT Deficit read more

Can The Cubs Really Win This

christina: We should also remember that base stealers were 23 for 26 against Jake Arrieta, as well, so this isn’t just a Lester problem. I can see arguments that Willson Contreras might help control the damage in games that don’t feature the Lester-David Ross battery, but we’ll see.neil: Sounds like we shouldn’t be surprised if Cleveland’s baserunning makes life difficult all series for what is otherwise a scary good Chicago rotation.christina: They’ll need to try, because they only thing that’s going to take that Cubs’ defense down a notch is the friction multiple baserunners and men in motion can create. Play a static, big-inning offense where you wait around for hits, and the Cubs will find ways to kill your scoring opps. Russell-to-Baez-to-Rizzo is going to merit its own poetry.rob: The defensive skill of the Cubs infield is a major factor that stops potential base runners. It’s all too easy to get caught in a TOOTBLAN* with Javy Baez’s creativity on one side of second base and Addison Russell’s sure hands on the other. In that way, it will be strength against strength.(* Ed. note: That’s “Thrown Out On The Basepaths Like A Nincompoop,” for the uninitiated.)christina: I’m also wondering which Arrieta or Kyle Hendricks we get. That could shape the series. Take Hendricks: The Indians are the best team in baseball at killing pitches 90 mph or slower. They’re third in baseball in OPS against off-speed pitches. If anyone is going to get to Hendricks in his magical year, it might be the Indians.rob: I agree that Hendricks and Arrieta are less sure bets. Generally, a major strength of all of the Cubs pitchers is that they suppress batted ball velocity. I believe that’s a genuine skill that the Chicago rotation possesses, but it also seems like a skill that’s more variable than say, throwing 98 mph fastballs that your opponents can’t catch up to. So I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if the Cubs have a couple of disastrous starting pitching outings and get BABIP’d to death.neil: All right, let’s close this out with some official predictions. Who ya got, and in how many games?rob: I’ll take the Cubs in 6. They are the better team, and one thing we only briefly alluded to is how tired and tattered Cleveland’s rotation is. I think the Cubs will dampen Cleveland’s bullpen advantage by overworking them, and that will be enough to close the Indians out. But not easily.christina: It’s really tough, because while Cubs in 5 is probably the safest choice, there are so many things that could go wrong with that (or even just extend the series) that I’m sticking with my prediction over on that the Indians find a way to win in 7. Because, how safe are the safe bets? But I’ll admit, there’s also an element of my wanting this to be an epic series, to give us something to remember beyond one of these two teams’ “curses” ending.neil: Indians in 7? Christina, I knew you were a Chicagoan, but now I see you either are not a Cubs fan, or the most quintessential Cubs fan possible.christina: Hah. Funnily enough, people mistake me for a White Sox fan, but I’m agnostic. (I’ve stuck with the team of my childhood, the A’s — hence my bitterness about Mr. Lester in 2014.) When I polled Chicagoans last week on Twitter, the second-largest group beyond the 39 percent of Chicagoans who call themselves Cubs fans who think they’ll win it all was the 31 percent who said they’re Sox fans who hope they blow it.Besides, if the Cubs win, I can claim I didn’t jinx it, right?neil: Very true, you are zigging where those not-so-covert Cubs fans we saw everywhere on Saturday night are zagging.christina: I did the double-reverse, anti-curse, non-jinx prediction. Shazam!neil: Well, I’ll split the difference and say Cubs in 7. That feels like the way this season is, and always has been, destined to end — though as we know, sometimes real baseball gets in the way of destiny, narratives and whatnot.Either way, though, it looks like one of the more entertaining on-paper World Series in recent memory. I can’t wait! VIDEO: Cleveland fooled us twice In preparation for the World Series, which starts Tuesday night, we invited ESPN MLB writer/editor Christina Kahrl and our own baseball columnist, Rob Arthur, into Slack to chat about the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians. As usual, the transcript below has been lightly edited. neil (Neil Paine, baseball editor and sportswriter): Well, we’re finally down to two teams, the Cubs and the Indians, both of whom have long championship droughts on the line. So my first question for the room is just a big-picture one: How did these teams stack up in the overall sabermetric numbers during the regular season?rob (Rob Arthur, baseball columnist): Both teams were good, but the Cubs were also great, fantastic, amazing and 10 other superlatives on top of that. In the first half of the season, they had as good a run differential as any team ever — right up there with the 1927 Yankees. They were merely dominant in the second half, but in either half Chicago was better than Cleveland: the Cubs had a +91 run differential in the second half alone, which is only 10 less than the Indians racked up all season. And, remarkably, some measures (such as cluster luck) suggest this Cubs team got unlucky.Which is not to say that the Indians were a bad regular-season team — they had the fourth-best run differential in baseball. But they also probably got a little fortunate from a cluster luck perspective, and their pitching, while solid, was also weakened due to injuries by October. So this matchup is probably a bit lopsided in favor of the Cubs, at least if we go by regular-season numbers.christina (Christina Kahrl, baseball writer and editor): I would think whatever metric you used, you’re going to get happy answers about the Cubs and Indians that don’t involve a stack of head-scratchy one-run outcomes or players having extraordinary seasons outside their expected range of performance. (Well, except maybe Tyler Naquin’s strikeout rate.) But across 162, these were two very good teams. Outside of the Cubs’ sporadic offensive disappearances, we’ve seen two of the best regular-season teams also play well in October. If not for injuries to the Indians’ rotation, you could have seen that these two teams belonged here months ago.There are interesting distinctions, of course. The Cubs and Indians both walk plenty, but the Indians aren’t in quite the same class when it comes to power production. But they’re both very balanced offenses, with good amounts of contact (call it BABIP or just execution on balls in play), power, patience and speed. The fun gets into the differences between how Cleveland manager Terry Francona used his bullpen to compensate when the rotation melted down, and how the Cubs churned through relief combinations before trading for Aroldis Chapman at the deadline. To some extent, both teams are where they are because of how well their answers worked out.neil: So we’re not seeing fluky teams! These two teams might legitimately be some of the very best in baseball! Seems like a departure from recent World Series history.christina: And yet — maybe it’s because I’m in Chicago — because of those injuries in the Indians’ rotation, folks are already anticipating a walkover. The last 15 years or so should perhaps suggest a little less overconfidence on this score. I can’t help but think of the 2006 or 2011 Cardinals as notable examples of underdog winners.rob: Right, and given that it’s only seven games, anything can happen.neil: Yeah, I was gonna ask because Rob mentioned that it was “a bit lopsided” — in baseball, that still doesn’t really mean either team is very likely to win over the other. At most maybe it’s 60-40, or 65-35, for the favorite?christina: Well, the Cubs should be favored, for all sorts of reasons about how awesome they are (not just because the Indians’ rotation is a shambles). And I think you’re right in terms of how far that lean should be. But I also remember “October unbeatable” Jon Lester losing a must-win game in 2014, so I tend not to believe in absolutes.rob: Yeah, and interestingly, everything from betting markets to our Elo ratings to FanGraphs’ simulations puts the probability between 60 to 70 percent for the Cubs. So that speaks again to the randomness of baseball — I think it would be hard to argue that the Cubs aren’t better than the Indians, but despite that edge they only have about a 2-in-3 chance.christina: To put it another way, this series doesn’t feel like the 1998 World Series, where there was almost no reason to watch unless you were a Yankees fan.neil: Hey! Those Padres had a pretty good seas… — ah, I can’t finish that thought. It was a rout. But this one, less so, it sounds like.Now, have we seen anything during the playoffs to make us think either team is better or worse than the yearlong numbers would indicate?rob: Yes, I think it’s fair to say that the Cleveland bullpen — and Francona’s clever use of it — gives the Indians a strong advantage that isn’t reflected in their regular-season numbers. The Cubs don’t really have anything comparable to that; although their bullpen is strong, Chapman doesn’t seem comfortable outside of the eighth or ninth innings. (Even then, he’s looked shaky at times.) I don’t think we can say with much confidence how much exactly fireman Andrew Miller is worth, in terms of series win probability. But I think he probably keeps things to closer to 60-40 than 70-30, as some outlier predictions would put it.christina: I do wonder how well the Cubs will do if the Indians get to their ’pen in the fifth, sixth or seventh innings. The Indians’ lineup has many strengths — it’s front-loaded with Carlos Santana leading off, it’s deep, and Francona isn’t afraid to use his bench. So in those middle-inning matchups, especially during games with the DH, I wouldn’t bet on Joe Maddon securing advantages as easily as he does against some NL opponents. A lot depends on whether the Indians get to the Cubs’ starters early — running up pitch counts, making them work from the stretch — and then forcing the game into the hands of relievers like Justin Grimm or Carl Edwards.neil: Speaking of the managers, this seems like it’s going to be a battle of two extremely smart, saber-savvy tacticians — perhaps the likes of which we’ve never seen before.christina: Well, let’s be fair, Howser vs. Herzog in 1985 was pretty awesome.neil: If you wanted Whiteyball, you got it with last year’s Royals. This year — well, it’s not exactly Moneyball that these two teams play, but maybe something in the same tradition at least.christina: But to your point, yes, it’s going to be a very interesting series in that regard, watching a couple of brilliant skippers with histories of putting players in a position to succeed. For those folks who say “managers don’t matter,” here are two great tacticians who are also extremely smart about how to manage people across six months, and who get the difference between managing the regular season and managing in October.rob: Yes, although Maddon’s strength seems to lie in the parts of baseball that still aren’t visible to us: chemistry, the clubhouse and getting the best performances out of players. Francona is probably good at that, too, but bullpen management is a visible manifestation of his skill, whereas the best we can do to quantify Maddon’s ability is look at how his teams consistently have positive run differentials.christina: Yeah, I wouldn’t put either over the other as far as people management. “Tito” and Maddon both deserve their reputations.neil: So, aside from the battle of managerial wits and the two bullpens, what else will you be keeping an eye on as key matchups in the series?rob: Christina mentioned above that Lester’s been incredible in the playoffs. That’s true — he’s Bumgarner-esque — but he has a critical weakness: the yips that prevent him from throwing over to first. In theory, that should make it easy to steal bases on him, but opponents have been curiously reluctant to exploit Lester’s flaw. The Dodgers tried — and failed — to do so, largely by dancing around between first and second, and Lester turned in another awesome start. But I do wonder if Francona’s tactical savvy can translate into more stolen bases and potentially weaken the Cubs’ best starter.neil: Do the Indians have base runners who might especially be able to take advantage of something like that?rob: The Indians had the third-best baserunning team in the majors, according to FanGraphs’ metrics. The Dodgers were 11th, although they had some good base stealers who just failed to convert. Jeff Sullivan posited that it’s a mental block for potential base stealers, as they are so unused to getting leads of 25 feet (or more!) that they don’t know what to do with them. That’s why I think it will mostly be a matter of Francona getting the base runners to actually take off, and not the skill of the base runners themselves. Almost any major leaguer should be able to get to second base before the throw when they have a 35-foot lead, as some of the Dodgers’ baserunners did: read more

West Indies eye successive Test wins after four years

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedJomel Warrican back in West Indies Test squadAugust 30, 2018In “latest news”Sri Lanka beat West Indies to draw Test seriesJune 26, 2018In “latest news”England stick with unchanged Test group for West IndiesDecember 11, 2018In “latest news” Jason Holder celebrates a dismissal with his team-mates CWI Media/Randy BrooksESPNcricinfo– Sri Lanka had hoped this would be one of their easier away tours this year. West Indies’ home record was modest; Sri Lanka’s Test side was picking up some momentum. But the Test in Port-of-Spain wasn’t merely a defeat, it was a decimation. Twice West Indies’ quicks scythed through the visitors’ top order. Although Sri Lanka had fielded five frontline bowlers, they still could not capitalise on having the opposition 147 for 5 on the first day. On a batting track, only Kusal Mendis could muster a score of over 45 – and even that, only having given two clear-cut chances.When these teams had last met, in Sri Lanka in 2015, West Indies had shown flashes of individual brilliance but had failed to come together as a team. In the first Test, they had no such problems. Commitment to the team cause was visible in the way Devendra Bishoo and Kemar Roach buckled down alongside Shane Dowrich, to haul West Indies to a formidable score. Even with the ball, there were unlikely contributors – Roston Chase running through Sri Lanka’s tail on the fifth day, after the quicks had knocked out the top order.While the hosts surge, Sri Lanka have tactical questions to answer. Is the five-frontline bowler strategy worth persisting with, given Dilruwan Perera’s modest returns with the ball? Kusal Perera is likely to make way for Dhananjaya de Silva at the top of the innings, but can Sri Lanka accommodate Kusal lower down the order, now that Angelo Mathews has left the tour? And is the attack dynamic enough? Or does it require the insertion of Akila Dananjaya?However Sri Lanka chooses to answer those questions, they will be in flux – Lahiru Gamage also having left the Caribbean, with a fractured finger.West Indies are in the unusual position of having to follow up a supremely dominant performance. One fact that may give Sri Lanka some hope is that it has been almost four years, and 31 Tests, since West Indies won back-to-back matches.While the opposition struggles with balancing their XI, the man who ensures West Indies have no such issues is Jason Holder. He was part of his team’s the first-innings resistance with the bat in game one, before supporting the frontline bowlers through the remainder of the Test. That he is growing in confidence as a leader was evident from his first-innings declaration – pulling the batsmen out with the score at 414 for 8, in order to bowl at Sri Lanka late on the second day. His batting average is on a gentle forward march, but it is a breakdown of his bowling figures that provides the biggest surprise. In West Indies victories, Holder averages a staggering 17.69, compared to his average of over 50 in drawn and lost Tests. If Holder gets wickets, West Indies tend to be competitive.It was a surprise that Lahiru Kumara took twice as many wickets as any other Sri Lanka bowler in Trinidad. Although he is still hugely indisciplined, the pace and bounce he generated made him effective on a largely unresponsive track. Kumara’s issue, though, has been consistency. He excites on occasion, but can just as easily go wicketless and leak a hundred runs in the next match. With Gamage out of the side, Sri Lanka are desperate for Kumara to provide the same intensity in St Lucia that he had shown in Trinidad.Devon Smith’s comeback Test did not go well. But it is possible West Indies will give him another shot at the top of the order, which will, of course, keep Shimron Hetmyer out of the XI. If Hetmyer does play, he will probably bat at No. 3 and Powell will open the innings again. Elsewhere, West Indies are unlikely to make changes.West Indies (possible): 1 Kraigg Brathwaite, 2 Devon Smith, 3 Kieran Powell, 4 Shai Hope, 5 Roston Chase, 6 Shane Dowrich (wk), 7 Jason Holder (capt), 8 Devendra Bishoo, 9 Miguel Cummins, 10 Kemar Roach, 10 Shannon GabrielIf Dhananjaya de Silva plays, Sri Lanka not only gain a batsman averaging over 45 after 13 Tests (though his best performances have come in Asia), they also have a half-decent offspinner in the top six. Perhaps this will prompt them to return to a 7-4 combination, fielding an extra batsman in place of another bowler. Dilruwan Perera, the most orthodox of Sri Lanka’s spinners, also stands to lose his spot to Akila Dananjaya – a far less experienced but more aggressive option.Sri Lanka (possible): 1 Kusal Mendis, 2 Mahela Udawatte, 3 Dhananjaya de Silva, 4 Roshen Silva, 5 Dinesh Chandimal (capt), 6 Kusal Perera, 7 Niroshan Dickwella (wk), 8 Rangana Herath, 9 Suranga Lakmal, 10 Akila Dananjaya, 11 Lahiru Kumara read more

VIDEO CRAZY GOAL by Norwegian youngstar

Espen Smeplasshandball goal Espen Smeplass – remember his name! Maybe this 14 years old Norwegian boy won’t be a proffesional player, but certainly he did something what most of the “big names” could only dream about.When we think that ways of scoring goals reached the ending level, some kid showed once again, how beautiful is our sport… ← Previous Story Piotr Wyszomirski to Pick Szeged! Next Story → MACEDONIAN PLAY-OFF: Vardar beat Metalurg in first match

Naumče Mojsovski to CSM Bucuresti

CSM BucurestiNaumce Mojsovski ← Previous Story Qatari El Jaish Sports Club promote new members! Next Story → Jens Schöngarth to FA Goppingen One of the best RK Metalurg players in the golden period of Macedonian team, playmaker Naumče Mojsovski is on the way to finish with the long break which last since June, when he ended contract with Qatari Lekhwya. Macedonian write about his new team – CSM Bucuresti! Romanian vice-champions had Macedonian coach Zvonko Šundovski, who already worked with Mojsovski in the national team, making the biggest success by winning the fifth place at Men’s EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia.The 35 years-old Mojso will sign contract with Romanians upon arrival in Bucharest on Sunday.Mojsovski was out of Macedonian squad for Croatian Cup in the previous EHF week as free agent. The first Macedonian playmaker has to find form quickly if he wants to be a part of team for Men’s EHF EURO 2016 in Poland and Olympic qualifications afterwards… read more

Lego Chibi Transformers Are a Trifecta of Geekiness

first_img I grew up watching the original Transformers animated series on TV and spent countless hours waging battles between Dinobots and Constructicons. When I wasn’t doing that, there’s a good chance I was building things out of Lego.I never thought to combine the two the way builder Sam.C has, however. He’s posted a gallery full of his amazing Lego Chibi-formers over on Flickr… and he’s also been kind enough to let us share a few of them with you here!You can see three of his creations at the top in their robot forms: Optimus Prime, Grimlock, and Jazz. Let’s take a look at them when they’re in disguise. Here’s Optimus, who still retains a definite Chibi look even when he’s transformed and ready to roll out:And here’s Jazz, Optimus’ second in command:And last, my personal favorite, Grimlock. Sure, he’s cute, but he still looks plenty menacing:Sam’s MOCs would be great enough as individual models, but here’s the kicker: they actually do transform. No joke. Here’s a video of Sam transforming Optimus Prime:Now, no eight-year-old kid is going to be doing that anytime soon. It takes more than two minutes to complete the switch, and Sam has to make a lot of very subtle adjustments along the way to get it just right… but let’s not forget what he managed to do.Not only did Sam give his Transformers a Chibi-style makeover, but he also made them out of Lego bricks. From scratch. And he didn’t forget that the ability to transform is what makes Transformers truly awesome.Well done, Sam! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Stay on target Hands-On: Lego Hidden Side Packs Plenty of Spooky AR FunThe New Lego UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Is Nearly Four Feet Long last_img read more

Murphy backs Sol Campbell to succeed at Macclesfield

first_imgDanny Murphy has tipped former England team-mate, Sol Campbell, to do well after he signed an 18-month deal to become Macclesfield manager on Tuesday.Campbell was unveiled as the new Macclesfield manager on Tuesday, as he signed an 18-month contract, and Murphy believes that he is the right man to push Macclesfield in the right direction, as they are just four points from safety in  League Two.“He’s got to try something different and he’s got a strong belief in himself,” Murphy told Sky Sports.Cascarino praises Campbell Manuel R. Medina – August 17, 2019 Sol Campbell left Macclesfield Town on Thursday, but the Arsenal legend believes he managed to do a great job at the club.“I remember in England squads where I sat down and talked to him a few times, and he’s a thoughtful guy. He’s very into the tactical side, the mentality of players.“Sometimes it takes something different for players to refocus or change their mentality and when you’re at the bottom, Sol has probably looked at it as nothing to lose.“If he turns it round, he looks like a miracle worker.”last_img read more

Senate Passes Tax Bill With ANWR Provision

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享After debating much of Tuesday, the Senate voted on the tax bill well after midnight, approving the bill, 51 to 48. The provision to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to drilling and oil exploration passed with the bill. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) wrote the ANWR measure in the bill. The provision to open ANWR requires the federal government to hold two lease sales within seven years, and the first lease sale must be held within four years of the passage. The House approved the bill earlier Tuesday, December 19, but will have to vote again on today, Wednesday. Democrats in the Senate persuaded the chamber that several minor provisions in the House bill violated Senate rules, forcing the House into a second vote. Story as aired: Audio PlayerJennifer-on-Senate-tax-bill-passes-1.mp3VmJennifer-on-Senate-tax-bill-passes-1.mp300:00RPd Senator Dan Sullivan, (R-AK), also spoke on the Senate floor late Tuesday, saying that the passage has been a long time coming for most Alaskans.center_img Sen. Murkowski stated on the Senate floor on Tuesday, that the provision will create thousands of jobs in Alaska and other states, and new wealth and security for the country through oil production. Sen. Murkowski (R-AK)”When you have small area with enormous potential, why would we continue to deny that opportunity?” The $1.5 trillion package will provide steep tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy and more modest cuts for middle- and low-income families. The area is believed to be the largest onshore oil prospect in North America, holding an estimated 10.4 billion barrels of conventional oil. The effort to open ANWR has the support of state leaders. Governor Bill Walker calling it a “bold move” and promising “the state will do everything it can to provide the infrastructure needed to responsibly access the 1002 section of ANWR.”last_img read more

White Supremacist Says He Will Plead Guilty In Sword Killing

first_imgNEW YORK (AP) — An Army veteran accused of killing a black man with a sword as part of a racist plot told a judge that he intended to plead guilty to the crime, but he asked that it be put off because he’d taken pain medication.James Jackson appeared Friday before a judge in New York City. He was expected to plead guilty in the 2017 death of Timothy Caughman, 66.In this March 23, 2017 file photo, James Harris Jackson appears in criminal court during his arraignment in New York. Jackson appeared Friday, Jan 4, 2019 before a judge in New York City. He was expected to plead guilty in the 2017 death of 66-year-old Timothy Caughman but told the judge that he’d broken his foot and wasn’t in the right state of mind because of painkillers. The judge ordered Jackson to return to court later this month. (Steven Hirsch/New York Post via AP, Pool, File)But Jackson told the judge that he’d broken his foot and wasn’t in the right state of mind because of painkillers.The judge ordered Jackson to return to court later this month, when he’s scheduled to stand trial on charges that include murder as a hate crime.Jackson’s defense attorneys left court without commenting.Prosecutors say Jackson, who is white, traveled from Baltimore to New York and stalked several black men before attacking Caughman.Police have said he chose New York because it’s the media capital of the world and he intended to send a message.Video surveillance captured Jackson in the days leading up to the attack, and investigators said he had walked purposefully toward a black man but didn’t attack him.Jackson later told police that the slaying had been practice for further assaults on black people, and that he had something “bigger” in mind.Judge Laura Ward ruled last month that Jackson’s detailed confession will be heard by the jury if the case goes to trial.Caughman’s supporters expressed frustration Friday after waiting more than an hour in Manhattan criminal court only to hear that the proceedings would be postponed until Jan. 23.“This has hurt not only his family but the whole community,” said Portia Clark, a friend of Caughman’s who grew up with him in the South Jamaica neighborhood of Queens. “To me this was a lynching. He just didn’t have a tree to hang Timothy from.”last_img read more

Twitter Emails 677775 US Users About Russian Election Interference

first_img If you received an email from Twitter about Russian influence campaigns during the 2016 U.S. election, you’re not alone.The microblogging service is contacting 677,775 users who followed, retweeted, or liked a post from a Russian government-linked organization preceding the vote.Following a congressional hearing in the fall, Twitter identified and suspended a number of accounts potentially connected to a propaganda effort by the Internet Research Agency (IRA).Known in Russian Internet slang as the “Trolls from Olgino,” the St. Petersburg-based group run fake accounts on major social networks, discussion boards, online newspapers, and video hosting services. More than 1,000 bloggers are paid to promote the Kremlin’s interests in domestic and foreign policy; in 2016, they attempted to influence the presidential election.As of Friday, Twitter counted 3,814 IRA-linked accounts that generated 175,993 posts—only 8.4 percent of which were “election-related”—in the ten weeks leading to the vote.An even larger batch of automated activity “originating out of Russia” includes 13,512 additional accounts, for a total of 50,258 automated accounts identified as “Russian-linked and Tweeting election-related content.”“Any such activity represents a challenge to democratic societies everywhere, and we’re committed to continuing to work on this important issue,” according to a lengthy blog post.Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)—one of the 677,775 who received a message from Twitter—recently shared part of the email via a mobile screenshot.(via Sen. John Cornyn/Twitter)“Finally social media is waking up to manipulation of public opinion by our adversaries,” Cornyn tweeted. “All of us need to step up to meet this challenge, especially the press.”Twitter is taking great strides toward developing strategies to prevent illegitimate users. Already making “significant improvements,” the company claims that, on a daily basis, it detects and blocks some 523,000 suspicious logins generated through automation.The company laid out plans for 2018, including investing in more technology and partnering with media literacy groups. And, in the lead up to this year’s midterm elections, Twitter is working to verify major party candidates, improve anti-spam programs, and monitor trends and spikes in conversations “for potential manipulation activity.”“We are committed to ensuring that Twitter is safe and secure for all users and serves to advance healthy civic discussion and engagement,” the company blog said. “Our work on these issues will never be done, and we will continue in our efforts to protect Twitter against bad actors and networks of malicious automation and manipulation.”View as: One Page Slides1. Examples of IRA content on Twitter(via Internet Research Agency/Twitter)2. Examples of IRA content on Twitter(via Internet Research Agency/Twitter)3. Examples of IRA content on Twitter(via Internet Research Agency/Twitter)4. Examples of IRA content on Twitter(via Internet Research Agency/Twitter)5. Examples of IRA content on Twitter(via Internet Research Agency/Twitter) Stay on target Twitter Tests Subscribe-to-Replies FeatureSenator Wants to Ban ‘Addictive’ Social Media Functions center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

2pronged training programme for polling personnel

first_imgKolkata: In a bid to make the polling personnel equipped to perform their duties in a proper manner during the seven-phase Lok Sabha elections, two-pronged training programmes would be conducted among all the polling personnel in the state.Apart from training workshops, online trainings may be imparted among them so that they can conduct the elections without any problem. Various training programmes would be conducted among the polling personnel in phases starting from the end of the current month. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseSenior ECI officials would conduct training among the polling personnel when the latter would be given a detailed outline on how to perform their assigned tasks and to mobilise the election machinery. There may be an online training where the poll personnel would be given various modules containing several questions related to the procedure of conducting elections. If a poll personnel is able to answer the questions of a particular module correctly, then he/she will be able to proceed to the next module. Attempting the question-answer format will help them clear their confusion regarding poll-related issues. There will be a set of master trainers who will train the participants in various batches. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe programme aims at empowering the trainers of all categories with training techniques and methodologies, thereby ensuring better delivery and interactive training programmes. It may be mentioned that a certification programme had already been conducted among the District Election Officers (DEO) and Returning Officers (RO). Leadership and motivational training have already been imparted among important election officers involved in various processes of the elections. Meanwhile, it may be mentioned here that around 10 companies of the Central Forces would arrive in the state within March 15. According to sources in the CEO office, the Central Forces would be deployed in various districts as soon as they arrive. They would also be asked to carry out route marches in various places to boost the confidence of the voters. The Central Forces will be deployed well in advance for area domination, route marches in vulnerable pockets and to carry out other confidence-building measures in the districts, an official said.last_img read more

Winter Storm Stella causes flight cancellations between New YorkCosta Rica

first_imgRain, snow, sleet and rain fromWinter Storm Stella hitting the East Coast of the U.S. caused the cancellation of five flights between Costa Rica and New York on Tuesday morning.Juan Belliard, the Operations Director of AERIS the administrator of Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) told The Tico Times that all cancelled flights were from United Airlines.The carrier canceled two flights between San José and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), and two flights in the opposite direction.Departures from Costa Rica were scheduled to take off at 6 a.m. and 11:35 a.m., he said.Belliard also said that as of 11 a.m. they did not have any other confirmations of cancelled flights from other airlines related to effects of the snowstorm.CORIPORT, the administrator of Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, Guanacaste also confirmed the cancelation of one flight. General Manager  César Jaramillo told The Tico Times that United Airlines canceled one flight from Newark, scheduled to arrive at noon.Newark administrators reported that as of noon, 86 percent of Tuesday’s outgoing flights and 75 percent of incoming flights were cancelled. Another 3 outgoing flights were delayed.Local weather forecasts said that blizzard warnings continue for parts of nine states in the Northeast, from Pennsylvania to Maine. Facebook Comments Crews at #EWR working hard to keep the runways clear! #SafeTravels— Newark Airport (@EWRairport) March 14, 2017center_img Related posts:Hurricane Matthew: Airlines cancel flights between Costa Rica-Florida Guanacaste airport expansion set to begin in January Costa Rica airports increase security following Brussels blasts Costa Rica airport restricts liquids in carry-onslast_img read more

When the Cardinals faced the Redskins at FedExFiel

first_img When the Cardinals faced the Redskins at FedExField in Landover, Md., on Sunday, they trotted out a patchwork offensive line that featured, from left to right, Will Holden, Alex Boone, A.Q. Shipley, Evan Boehm and John Wetzel.They took the field with the same group of receivers that, except Larry Fitzgerald, has failed to make big plays all season.They were without starting running back David Johnson, brief replacement Adrian Peterson and aside from a far-flung, mathematical playoff possibility, there was nothing left to play for but pride. Despite running 80 offensive plays, the Cardinals never found the end zone, settling instead for five Phil Dawson field goals.“You’ve got to make plays. Kicking field goals isn’t going to get it done,” Cardinals coach Bruce Arians told 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station’s Paul Calvisi. “You’ve got to make a play in the red zone and you damn sure can’t turn it over in the red zone.”In five games, all starts, Gabbert has completed 95 of 171 attempts (55.6 percent) for 1,086 yards and six touchdowns. He has thrown six interceptions and he has fumbled seven times, losing two.Ball security is a consistent issue, but on a recent radio interview with 98.7 FM Arizona’ Sports Station, general manager Steve Keim highlighted another one. Gabbert has difficulty making touch passes to the outside, and that was on display again against the Redskins.The most maddening aspect of Sunday’s game was the Cardinals’ red-zone ineptness. They were 0 for 6 on the touchdown scale and the reasons were simple.“You’ve just got to make throws and make catches,” Arians told Calvisi. “We had some third-and-shorts where we just had to complete balls.” Despite that considerable array of qualifiers, it’s time to admit that after five starts, Blaine Gabbert is not going to amount to anything more than a backup quarterback.RELATED: Rapid reaction | Cardinals fall to RedskinsThat’s not really a criticism. If Gabbert doesn’t land a starting or better offer from another team, the Cardinals should re-sign him. Drew Stanton isn’t under contract next year and he won’t likely be back. The Cardinals need a veteran backup quarterback and Gabbert can do enough with his arm and legs to serve as a decent fill-in.Knowing that is Gabbert’s ceiling is an important piece of information that should guide the Cardinals’ offseason plans, however, whether Carson Palmer returns for another season or not. Maybe that means finding another veteran through a trade, as the Cardinals did with Palmer, or more logically, drafting their QB of the future, but the Cardinals must operate knowing that Gabbert is not the guy.On Sunday, Gabbert completed 16 of 41 passes for 189 yards, no touchdowns and an interception for a passer rating of 43.6.He fumbled on the Cardinals’ first possession at his own 18-yard line, leading to the Redskins’ first touchdown. He missed an easy touchdown pass to tight end Gabe Holmes. He threw a bad pick to Preston Smith two plays later when he threw behind Rick Seals-Jones. Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact 37 Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Washington Redskins defensive lineman Anthony Lanier (72) sacks Arizona Cardinals quarterback Blaine Gabbert (7), forcing a fumble and a turnover resulting in a Redskins touchdown during the first half of an NFL football game in Landover, Md., Sunday, Dec 17, 2017. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The Cardinals have two games left. If they want to evaluate Gabbert for a couple more games, that’s fine, but there probably isn’t much more than they can learn about a guy who has already put 48 games worth of film out there for evaluation.If Stanton is healthy enough to play — a big if — it would be a nice gesture for all he has meant to the organization to give him one final start at home against the New York Giants on Christmas Eve. The Cardinals know what they have in Gabbert and they know they are not going to the playoffs. Why not send a class act out with a classy gesture? – / 13last_img read more

Ramblin Man singer critical but stable after fa

first_img‘Ramblin’ Man’ singer critical but stable after falling FILE – In this June 3, 2017, file photo, founding member of the Allman Brothers Band Dickey Betts exits the funeral of Gregg Allman at Snow’s Memorial Chapel, in Macon, Ga. Betts is in “critical but stable” condition after slipping and cracking his head while playing with the family dog in Florida. The Dickey Betts website says the “Ramblin’ Man” singer-songwriter has been sedated since the accident Monday, Sept. 17, 2018, evening in Sarasota. (Jason Vorhees/The Macon Telegraph via AP, File) by The Associated Press Posted Sep 20, 2018 4:42 am PDT Last Updated Sep 22, 2018 at 7:40 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img SARASOTA, Fla. – Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dickey Betts is in “critical but stable” condition after slipping and cracking his head while playing with the family dog in Florida.The Dickey Betts website says the “Ramblin’ Man” singer-songwriter has been sedated since the accident Monday evening in Sarasota.The website says Betts is scheduled to have surgery Friday to relieve swelling in the brain.His wife, Donna Betts, said on the website that she and his children are by his side and that the family “appreciates all of your thoughts and prayers during this very trying time.”Last month Betts suffered a “mild stroke” and had to cancel upcoming tour dates.A few weeks ago longtime friend David Spero posted that Betts was responding well to treatment and was “raring to go.”last_img read more

Cyprus will miss its environmental targets for 2020 and 2030

first_imgCyprus is expected to miss its EU 2020 and 2030 environmental targets by large margins, a damning country report of the EU environmental implementation review for 2019 showed on Tuesday.High levels of municipal waste and increasing rates of landfilling in conjunction with slow implementation of EU environmental policies remain a source of concern, the report said, adding that as was the case with the review conducted in 2017, “there is currently no overarching policy framework for the circular economy in Cyprus.”With the EU 2020 municipal waste recycling target of 50 per cent looming, the report showed despite a steady decrease in landfilling in 2009-2014, the rate increased again in 2016, with Cyprus now sending 76 per cent of its municipal waste to landfills. The EU average is only 24 per cent.Just 16 per cent of Cyprus municipal waste is recycled, well below the EU average of 46 per cent.Municipal waste generation in Cyprus is also significantly higher than the 2017 EU average (637 vs around 487 kg/y/inhabitant).Though the report states that there has been some progress on waste management, as the strategic framework for waste is now in place and the national waste management plans for all waste streams have been adopted, it said that “Cyprus needs to make significant efforts to establish an adequate network of facilities that would effectively manage all of its waste in line with the waste hierarchy if it is to reach the 2020 targets and even higher recycling targets.”The report highlighted that despite Cyprus’ 2015 municipal solid waste management plan, which prioritises separate collection of waste and introduces economic deterrents such as a landfill tax, and pay-as-you-throw schemes, “the implementation has been quite slow.”Further difficulties arise in implementing the relevant EU waste policies and in meeting its 2020 targets. The reasons for this, according to the report, is a lack of infrastructure and systems for collecting recyclables and for diverting biodegradable waste from landfills, and a lack of coordination between different administrative levels and lack of capacity at local level.Regarding emissions, the report asserted that “Cyprus has projected that it may miss its targets for 2020 and 2030, by large margins.”For 2020, Cyprus’ national target under the EU Effort Sharing Decision is to reduce emissions by 5 per cent compared to 2005, and by 24 per cent compared to 2005 by 2030.“With existing measures Cyprus projects to miss its 2030 target by 47 pp,” the report said, noting that with additional measures, “the gap may be reduced to 17 pp.”A main source of concern are transport emissions, the report said, as they continue to increase despite being the main cause of air pollution in cities. In Cyprus, transport emissions increased by 8 per cent from 2013 to 2016.According to the report, Cyprus adopted a new National Adaptation Strategy in 2017, which identified that the sectors most vulnerable to climate change are water, agriculture, soil resources, fisheries and aquaculture, forestry, biodiversity, public health, tourism, coastal zones, energy and infrastructure.Air quality, and Cyprus’ ability to ensure citizens’ health and quality of life, is also a source of concern.While the report acknowledged a reduction in emissions between 1990-2016, as seen by the 3.66 per cent reduction of sulphur oxides (SOx) and the 15.68 per cent reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx), emissions of volatile organic compounds (NMVOCs) nevertheless increased by 5.83 per cent between 2014 and 2016, emissions of ammonia (NH3) increased by 4.72 per cent and emissions of fine particulate matter PM2.5 increased by 14.78 per cent during this period.According to the European Environment Agency, it is estimated that for 2015, some 750 premature deaths were attributable to air pollution, the report said.Another source of concern is Cyprus’ ineffective protection and conservation of its natural capital.“The effective protection of Natura 2000 areas – especially coastal zone – from incompatible activities or developments that fragment or degrade them, remains a concern,” the report stressed.It added that “management plans for these areas must be completed and properly implemented and all necessary environmental assessments carried out correctly before potentially damaging plans or projects can be approved. The necessary mitigation measures should be properly applied.”You May LikeSUVs | Search AdsThese SUVs Will Take Your Breath Away. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsSUVs | Search AdsUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

SDon’t condemn when

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The city had to get a bid from a contractor to close the opening by the cave and the work was due to happen this week, without naming them. he would prefer they didn’t include arms sales. Casinos are currently allowed on tribal land in North Dakota through federal law. Doug Burgum spent a portion of his first State of the State address in January on the protests, many of whom have friends and family in Minnesota. read more