understand the marketing QQ batch plus buddy analysis

used a Xing a year marketing QQ, with his reason, and everyone else, can accommodate 100 thousand friends, you can buy bulk through official recharge and arrive at 100%, can work on-line at the same time and set the automatic reply, I am concerned only these three functions. Of course, the most important thing is that I want to use the marketing QQ batch plus friends, now the data is king.

but when I use it, I found that the cost of 4500 a year, a little regret. Why?

when I collected 160 thousand fans, began to increase the number of friends with QQ marketing software to add friends, and found not as I wish. Because does not stop with the software, only third days, I received the Tencent official mail, while marketing QQ client also pop news, suggesting that they detected we use third party software to add friends, if so, will be the title, and is currently the first warning. read more

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From the Kell Mann theory leads to the promotion of the three elements

era of information explosion, a wide variety of websites. As an integral part of the SEO, each SEOER put the promotion in a special position. But how can in many talent shows itself and their strength about the site, to stand head and shoulders above others effect? The three stage from Kelman’s theory is derived, should use the strength of the user, allowing users to obey, identity, assimilation, the initiative to become the website promotion.

compliance phase

value of the site itself is an effective way to promote the site. This phrase is used at this stage in the normal. Users are attracted to the content of your site, in other words, the user’s compliance with the value of your site. Therefore, it is very important to optimize the content of the website. read more

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From the Hainan sland international tourism network on line to see network marketing

since China’s accession to the WTO, the central government to encourage Hainan to play an industrial advantage, take the road of industrial opening. The construction of international tourism island, is to play to the advantages of Hainan in the new situation, to carry out a specific claim of the central strategic intent, hope by the international tourism island as the carrier, Hainan tourism market comprehensive factors of internationalization, promote thetransformation and upgrading of tourism industry, and with the development of the tourism industry development to the modern service industry, the it has become the leading industry of Hainan’s economic development gradually, to long-term sustainable development of supporting Hainan’s economy. read more

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Mailing case fine talent website service success


years of job hopping season hot hits! In March and April each year, not only graduates flocked to the talent market, many workers in the past year, a prospect of inventory, often according to the economic environment, industry trends and their own situation to decide whether to quit? At the same time, the enterprise will rationalize the organizational structure and business review. To add staff. The flow, there are some recruitment website to increase marketing efforts, including a company based in the U-Mail platform using the bulk mail of Shenzhen talent network combined with large data analysis, the effect is very good. read more

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Crazy registered CN domain name multinational companies to build a protective ring

The frequent domain name, counterfeit counterfeit bank website incident triggered a chain reaction, the reporter learned that 20, Matsushita, Volkswagen and other multinational companies these days has registered hundreds of related CN domain name, have launched a domain name protection strategy in the China.

it is understood, and a multinational contrast is the protection awareness of domestic enterprises generally indifferent. At present, many enterprises have not yet realized the significance of China protection of domain name registration, often after being "phony" caused by the loss of regret, sometimes it is hard to recapture.


– related news

this year just 1 months, CN domain name has two prices diving, first launched 70 yuan CN million net each domain 120 yuan, but this time is the introduction of the hitherto unknown each CN domain may be the price of 35 yuan, domestic several large CN domain name provider "dragged", price formation melee. read more

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Groupon China executives leave or confusion associated with recruitment

Groupon Chinese executive turnover strange

– focus – reporter Zhang Fan


does not conclusively determine Ren Xin resignation reason, however, during the Spring Festival just passed by, group purchase site originator of the Groupon get the domestic group purchase websites were confused in mind, or dance for joy at the news.

also said that three months to recruit up to 3000 people, and even their executives have run, a marketing director of the group buying site, told reporters. read more

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Suning electricity supplier strategic error decoding home appliances missed the first mover advantag

Suning transition electricity supplier, is China’s most compelling business events. Because the electricity supplier experience from the past, there is no successful case. Why can’t the traditional enterprises have the advantage of e-commerce. Next, we will be one by one Suning Suning electricity supplier.

today to talk about Suning has the most advantage of the electrical category, what problems exist in the strategy, they missed what?

Suning Appliance is the most competitive category, not only the size of the close relationship with the manufacturers, as well as the distribution of the strength of the country’s stores, as well as home appliance professional retailers brand advantage. Comparison of rival Jingdong and easy fast network, Suning strong a few streets, that is, whether it is goods, prices, services, or reputation are stronger than competitors. Other categories do not know, at least the appliance can do electricity supplier boss this opportunity is there. Of course, this is theoretical! read more

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Buy network has been dead community e commerce eternal life

has never been a thing like buying so that community e-commerce so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, there is no such thing as buying so that people have such a huge controversy for the Internet business model. Since the Wang Groupon model will be introduced to the industry, controversy and imitation as the tide like waves to the influx of people that even if the waves die on the beach, or a wave after wave generation and will "die".

a thousand regiments battle – buy storm read more

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Ali mother was black or not careful

      click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > >

open today Ali mother (, the details of his title to see the broken.


Title date written, this is not a general error. Keywords    Description didn’t write anything. I don’t know if they don’t care.

(commissioning editor admin03)

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Lanting Pavilion set potential kicks off stocks soared muffled

Securities Times reporter Wu Jiaming

in the U.S. stock market IPO thriving occasion, Chinese companies listed in the United States to achieve zero breakthrough. Lanting Pavilion started the foreign trade business potential shares this year in the U.S. stock market "kicks", in just 8 trading days, the cumulative price increase has reached 80%.

Lanting Pavilion

set of potential market since performance is gratifying, made a good start for the listed Chinese business trip to the United states. read more

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