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first_imgHow do you carry the confinement ?: “We handle the situation as best we can, trying to physically support ourselves as much as possible. I get along well, I am quite a home person and I think it is not a great effort that we are being asked to stay home. I am strictly adhering to it. I am with my partner and I try to have a daily routine that is not far from what my life was. Get up early, have breakfast, do exercises to keep fit and then spend time with chores around the house, reading, watching series, movies … “.What message does the club transmit to them ?: “The club transmits tranquility and patience to us and that we do not lower our arms because at any moment we can return. You have to keep fit and prepared for the decisions that may come. ”How do you think this situation will be resolved ?: “I think it will be played, I do not know in what periods or when. The fairest thing would be to finish. What I am in favor of is that health comes first and when everything is well secured, the secondary can start walking. ”Workforce salary reduction: “We have been talking, in communication. It is true that the club is the one that has to take the measures and do the corresponding studies. Each club has a totally different situation and the players have always been willing to listen and help the club from day one. Ours is a different situation than the rest because of everything we have been experiencing since the beginning of the year. Now the administrator has to take the necessary measures. All the employees and the players have been willing to listen. We are not clear about anything, studies are being done and when everything is clear we will be notified and an agreement will be reached in every way. ”The club has a huge pay gap: “The numbers that come out are worrying. We decided to be isolated from everything. The situation is worrying from the beginning of the season. The players decided to isolate ourselves from all this because we do not know how true the news that comes to us is. We live day by day and each one, from their situation, tries to help as much as possible ”.Shaheen’s moves: “Everything we have experienced since the beginning of the season is unreal. We must dedicate ourselves to minimize problems and play. People will be deceived by the press conference that he gave, which was a bit unrealistic because of the numbers he gave and because of the sports city. We live in a very uncomfortable situation at the beginning of the season ”. Renewal: “They have told me that they are happy with me, but they have not spoken because of the uncertainty the club is experiencing. I have always shown that I am happy at Malaga. We do not know what will happen or how the club will be, neither tomorrow nor the day after. I am at ease, I have been treated spectacularly from the first day. I am happy, I belong to a very large club and I would like to help as much as possible to return it where it deserves ”.He has had to experience the worst moments of Malaga in recent years: “Football gives you many things, not just results, and Malaga has given me a lot. It is a big powerlessness not to be able to see Malaga where it deserves and where it should be as a club, but I do not think it will give up. I will continue working for it. The possibilities that Málaga has as a club, until you know them, you don’t know them. I do not regret having made this decision at all. Málaga, I do not know how long, but it will return to where it has to be. One of the great powers that the club has is that there are very few players who do not want to play for Malaga. That is always going to be able to take advantage of this club. Málaga is a big club and it has many possibilities ”.Preseason before playing again: “Soccer cannot be trained anywhere that is not a soccer field. Today we would need an adaptation period, but I don’t know if a week or 15 days. The important thing is to play again and that this is over as soon as possible ”.Where could Málaga go in this season finale ?: “I do not know. Let’s see if we compete again and then we’ll see. Our goal is to win every game, we cannot think of anything other than day to day. With the situation that Malaga is experiencing day by day, thinking about the future is impossible ”.Play behind closed doors: “It is a shame, but not for us, but for depriving people of the essence of soccer, enjoying it and living it on the field. We want to play in any way and doing it behind closed doors is not going to be an impediment. It will be worse for people who cannot attend the field than for us. Play every 48 hours? Playing 11 games 48 hours apart I don’t know if the teams are going to be ready. I don’t know how it will be done, but the more hours that pass between games, the better. ”Sequelae of coronavirus: “There will surely be a before and an after. The country will suffer a lot, the recovery will be slow in every way. But I want to see the positive things. As human beings it will make us better, feeling vulnerable and weak will make us leave selfishness aside and be more supportive and it will make us stronger. That will improve the human being ”.last_img read more

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