July 2017

The old webmaster Guagua site experience

1. learns to hype

a qualified webmaster will not be short of topics on hand, because they will dig up the subject. Or that it is a classic case of pornographic, this event, if not we the webmaster speculation, the event may not be so serious, I also from this thing only to find a serious shortage of their own. Do Wangzhuan a friend told me that one day, can do the Firefox download, induced by pornographic! At that time, pornographic has come to an end, but still let me earn thousands of dollars. Using pornographic pictures, plus mosaics, combine the contents of the home page, and then guide them into the second page, the second page is a player interface (of course, is false). This interface will randomly appear online, and there will be loading screen, when loaded to 99%, jumped out of a dialog box: prompt: you did not install green browser -firefox, then how to induce, how to induce?. As for the traffic, I am using pornographic photos of the popular boot from the blog. read more

Online business secrets reputation of the small network operators

who else doesn’t have the experience of shopping online? If you are, that means you’re a little out of touch with the fashion. The convenience and cost performance of online shopping has attracted countless consumers, and has created a large number of network operators.

"2007 Chinese e-businessmen Development Research Report" shows that the number of China’s network has grown to 30 million giant, however, in contrast to the large number, know how to use the network to do business and the real success of the network, accounted for 10%. read more

Talk about what are the categories of advanced network operations

Dongsheng information "to build the Internet automatically make money machine" friends know

learning, the course of the last part devoted to the operating system, from three aspects to help enterprises to build the whole network marketing money machine automatic operation system. If you can have a general idea of network operations before then, you’ll get twice the result with half the time in class. Here’s a look at what network operations.

in a broad sense, all human interventions around the web site are called operations. So, to some extent, the Internet products company has only 3 business units: products, technologies, and operations. The concept of product operation is only possible =, your company or product is based on products, so it is not necessary to operate as a supplement, a lot of people out to do single demolition operations, so collectively referred to as the product operation. read more

Webmaster should do with the industry related websites

my first stop or start 2005, the starting point is the original building materials company is doing business, wanted to make some design friends, do contact channels will be convenient for the follow-up, the initial position is the forum, because the forum will be better, it was very hard to find information. Modify the site. It has experienced more than half a year, the popularity is still mainly rely on search and banner network brings, as long as no promotion, popularity and fierce decline, after no longer want to do technical work, run out of the market. Therefore, the forum had no time to take care of it and was forced to interrupt. read more

Qangel life hangs the line of grassroots webmaster how to survive

Internet pornography campaigns have been upgraded to all domestic websites, including my love from the net yesterday got the news that the domestic domain name registration must record can resolve the storm continues to see the network regulation. Before writing this blog, I chatted with some of my IDC friends for a while and asked about their recent situation. They told me that I was not going to open the server recently, mainly to maintain and investigate the illegal information. They like our webmaster, busy with the backup and moving the site, very tired, very busy. read more

My view on the operation of everyone for all and all for me

In the operation of

website, the most important thing is the thought of "everyone for me".

"I’m everybody" is going to have to consider the social needs of the site in the early stages of the site planning. In other words, what’s the website for?. The significance of the general web site is to speed up the dissemination of information and make it easier for Internet users to obtain information. As I do now "Shenyang Sanland." in life often encountered in the students and faculty for students looking for a teacher, so I set up this website is mainly to build a bridge for students and faculty. read more

From the recent Taobao A5 customer promotion competition to see the domestic Taobao customers develo


off in 2009 that would have been born, then learned the relevant information, but not to do, until today also has no direct contact to the customer about Taobao aspects, but for the Taobao customer discussion is a non-stop watching, recently again see A5 zern forum "the world famous shoes Taobao guest" promotion competition – second season, followed by the first quarter of the game again in the two round of upsurge debut award.

the related information about the "world famous Taobao shoes zern guest" promotion competition, found that Taobao is off with a fresh mode of development, for example in the contest of "Mr Spitzer" weekly reviews and recommendations, is the experience and the actual node Taobao off the hitherto unknown operation, making the game record constantly at the same time to be refreshed, but also affect the development of the domestic Taobao customers a valuable activity. read more

Entrepreneurship is not only to create profits but more importantly to accumulate

in 1998, when I was just reading the third grade, the computer is only listening to its not seen, and the Internet is even more strange, because of family conditions in general, every day staring, or just 17 inches of black-and-white television. One day when I was watching TV, there was a story touched me, a young man in the United States, because of their looks extremely confident, character is introverted, friends also poor, with the Internet curiosity, do a web page on the Internet, is home one of his tennis photos, there are some simple functions, but it is extremely simple website but let him become the focus of the public, many people know him through his personal website. Third term school added technical class, in fact it is not some students in addition to a class, I choose the computer class, behind somewhat disappointed me, the whole semester, learn five dozen pen, on less than five times, let me happy is "the king Pangqing head and 51…" I would recite, one class is typing speed, but also has been extended to the school. read more

Jewelry store business notes

jewelry stores in the increasing number of, want to open this kind of shop, in the investment process also need to pay attention to a series of problems. Many novice do not know where to start, the idea is not very clear, small series finishing the relevant steps of the analysis, hoping to provide some reference for you, I hope you can do a good job in investment business.

1, choose a good brand

Select a

already on the market and occupy a certain market share of the brand to join, in general, this brand of product variety, to meet the different levels and different occupation, different age, different ethnic groups of consumers, and brand jewelry will have their own style, exquisite products, exquisite workmanship, reasonable price, to a certain extent than ordinary jewelry replacement fast, it can stimulate consumer desire. read more

Analysis of default data design for app

many product managers and operators in peacetime attention are often concentrated on how to better display the data and information in the interface terminal, and software engineers or programmers can interface in the app data showed that in some special circumstances, or in extreme cases, there is the extreme case originally app page is full the content, but when the user does not have relevant data at the same time, the corresponding page on the app should display is blank, in this case, the blank or missing data of app is presented to the user often lack of visual effects and have a negative impact on the user experience. Therefore, not only software engineers, product managers and operators should pay attention to all kinds of data display on app, including empty data, mainly in the following three aspects. read more

Baidu map these ten years how to step by step to kill the tough opponent

a few days ago I asked a friend in the use of electronic navigation: in the absence of electronic map, people travel by car is how to recognize the road? Friend said: about ten years ago the city road is not so complex, or carry a paper map? This dark age is not far away, ten years ago before the network map spread, people travel very dependent on the paper map, get out of the train station first appeared always sell paper map aunt, people to see a map, print the road before the trip, some kiosks and even provide service charges for directions…… read more

How to do business in the off season to do business

said that although every store operation will have a peak seasons, even the off-season, there will be a season, however, due to the impact of domestic and international economic factors, the retail industry is now experiencing a mighty storm, so in the face of this strike, how should we deal with it? If you want to sit still, it can only be a dead end, with better change from passive to active, actively looking for a breakthrough, to attract customers from different angles, then let out of the supermarket. read more

ncreased experience sharing local forum quality content sources

do it now also has nearly 2 years of time, 2 years in career I have changed so much, whether it is life or career, also let me from a student to a social person, 2 years time to do a lot of website, basically is with the wind the site, there is a saying in group " my success can be replicated, " I should be a negative example of this sentence, the first is interested in, now do have from interest into my life for career goals, this year finally stabilized to steadfast to do the local site, in fact, until try to place but because there is no stick to waste, the next few years optimistic about the momentum of development of local website, currently operates a local forum in Cangzhou Bay has been for some time, summed up some operation Some personal experience and experience, in the promotion of not everything he knows, out today and everyone together to discuss, get the main talking about today is the content of local forum quality content. read more

Along the operation that line the novice to learn what fragmented knowledge on

Operation before

wrote an article called "your mind is a line, or a lot?", and you have a good understanding of the whole system is the main operation, especially the novice friends, I think is very important, not only know these, but also know why. As a person, I think for all operators of novice friends say: not to blindly actually more terrible, must not be quick to learn to walk, run up! But when we understand the whole operation ideas under the premise, you can go to expand their combat skills, will be more effective, and every effort you are valuable! Today and we talked about is the key operation of complete system, we follow the "operation of the line", which scattered knowledge points are we to learn read more

3000P’s enterprise website has fewer than 30 orders per day

now many enterprises gradually began to pay attention to the flow line, the optimization of enterprise website and also began to blossom everywhere, and through the enterprise website optimization friends recently exchanges, found a very serious problem, the website is optimized for a long time, some of the key words began to participate in the rankings, visitors came to the site, but telephone orders and almost no, a friend of the optimization of the website every day there are about 3000 UV, but the telephone orders less than 30. So what’s the problem, read more

Day retention Zhou Liucun month retention how can we allow more users to stay

why write this topic? I observed that now many APP practitioners are concerned about the channel and the channel quality of the user, but few people to consider LTV, mining the lifetime value of best quality users, we do not pay attention to. I hope this article will have a slight effect on reducing anxiety.

a APP and its users after meet, friendship and love, from the four stages. There is a risk of "separation" in every intimate contact, because the user is slightly dissatisfied, it is possible to uninstall APP. Today, for example, how to get more "falling in love" users, and try to delay the separation of time, read more

Have you prepared for the site’s profit since the summer vacation

wrote this article is to let you see my website, evaluation of my model, so that I continue to have the power to do such a web site.

talent network now everywhere, large and small, like the economic crisis, we work hard to find, on the popular talent network, see many webmaster here describes how to promote talent network, then how to profit, but said that after many profitable webmaster. Do not say first? How to charge, think about how you do this in website why should people in your job here? What is your characteristics, there are so many talent network in each area, you have what advantage? Talent network is an industry station, why rely on little search traffic the engine will give you the money cannot be converted to read more

Compare and see which type of stationmaster you belong to

in the network society, as a webmaster, have you ever thought of such a question: why can’t I succeed? Compared with the following types, to see how far away from success.

There are four types of webmaster on the


from the most simple points, the characteristics can be divided into: clever or stupid, lazy or lazy; then combined into four kinds: smart and diligent webmaster webmaster, clever and lazy webmaster, stupid and lazy, stupid and hard-working webmaster webmaster.

1. smart and diligent Webmaster: the webmaster more, can be ready to grasp the needs of users, continuously self innovation, and to rapidly execute in place for anything, and then his own clever through the website to reflect, plus your diligent, it would be easy to see website success; read more

How to enhance brand awareness and enhance user experience in picture station

first introduce myself, I am a deputy general manager of Shanghai science and technology company’s online marketing department, mainly responsible for the customer’s product network promotion project, but due to the recent global economic downturn, several large customers we have reduced advertising costs, reduce the workload. So my boss asked to launch some entertainment station to quickly drive the flow, the contents of no specific restrictions by me to arrange, the only requirement is to let the entertainment station do have brand awareness, to seek long-term development. read more

ndustrial products electricity supplier website Warring States period behind those things

in the popular products in daily life "online shopping" at the same time, industrial electricity supplier market is also quietly changing, although the industrial products (including industrial products and industrial production material procurement) because of its large volume, long cycle, making the number of participants and more limited access to resources and other factors lead to the slow development, but because industry product market of large scale and wide prospects; many traditional companies test the water industrial electricity supplier, even has always been known for "Foxconn" OEM low adjustment a "rich trade mall" industrial products direct online mall, has been quietly on the line. read more