March 2017

Xining public civilization index and minors ideological and moral construction simulation report pub

Create a national civilized city of Xining city to promote the work further, improve the quality of civilization and the civilization of the whole city, according to the relevant requirements of the Central Civilization Office Annual public civilization index evaluation on the part of the city of Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Xining City, a city office commissioned by the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics, the first half of 2012 four in Xining city a district of the city public civilization index and the ideological and moral construction of minors to carry out on-the-spot investigation. In August 31st, the "Xining public civilization index and the ideological and moral construction of minors simulation report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). The report shows that the Xining public civilization index evaluation of the contents of the good and bad, the overall in the basic compliance standard. The ideological and moral construction of minors is generally good, but the center of community cultural activities is poor, and there is no one area in four districts of Xining.

"report" shows that the four district of Xining civilization index score from high to low are: West area of 79.74 points, 78.34 points, Chengzhong District, North District 77.92, East District 77.82. Among them, more than 85 points are considered to meet the test criteria; 60 to 85 points as the basic compliance; the following is deemed to be inconsistent with the test criteria for the following 60 points.

the simulation test, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics on the East District, Chengzhong District, West District, North District places on-the-spot investigation. Study area includes restaurants, stations, parks (green), square, traffic, road, alley, commercial street, large supermarkets, bazaars, district (city), the parents of the school, community cultural centers, Internet cafes and other public places, around the campus. The survey includes public places, environmental sanitation, maintenance of public facilities, public traffic behavior, traffic order and management, main street and key areas face and the implement of the central civilization office and other key aspects of this deployment, and in accordance with the national assessment requirements of the project evaluation scoring one by one check. read more

The power of crying

"the power of example is infinite, people get power in crying to get positive energy." Responsible comrades of Datong several evening news stories this evaluation of family effect. Good evening news story will come four, last week into the chase, wherever he went, one upward, friendly, harmonious, sunshine family stories always echo in our ears, the family’s hero and exemplary behavior and their noble personality, vividly tell us what is good. The morning of July 11th 10, in support of Datong County Bridge in the town government, the Xining evening news story in the family bridge in the town of ore community square again for people to create a spiritual feast, in the appeal of love, filial piety, persistence, dedication and traditional Chinese virtues, hundreds of audience burst into tears. This morning, after the rain, although the weather is a bit cold, but the community has long been the county’s mineral community, hundreds of listeners from all communities have long been waiting for. A tough mother, a loving husband, a dutiful daughter-in-law…… A touching story of these lovely people soon put the majority of the audience emotions, he laughed, they also laughed, he cried, they are full of tears, the story suddenly filled the air in the warm spirit of coolness. read more

Training in primary and secondary school teachers in charge of class

10 10, jointly organized by the Qinghai Provincial Education Committee, the Provincial Department of education, Qinghai Province, the province’s primary and secondary school teacher group hosted the first phase of training classes in Xining. The training from October 2016 to December held a total of 7, each of the 100.

it is understood that the training focuses on modern teacher education thought and the art of management, students’ psychological research, teacher education, moral education and class work, class activities design, organization and management, the work of teachers in charge of education policies and regulations, etc., in order to change the concept of education, improve the ability of educational innovation and teacher professional ability. To help the province’s primary and secondary school teachers to study and grasp the psychological changes of modern primary and secondary school students’ psychological changes and interesting psychology, to enhance the ideological and political education of primary and secondary school students and management capabilities, to promote the standardization and effectiveness of the work of class teacher. read more

Sports fitness equipment wide coverage of agricultural and pastoral areas in Xining attracted fitnes

since last year, the village built an activity square, resettlement of a variety of sports equipment, the town of Huangyuan County, the town of pulling the village of Wei aunt almost every day with only two year old grandson to play on the square. Wei aunt and other aunt who danced fitness dance, little grandson is in the fitness equipment on the "practice" — especially playing like treading on a bike like the kind of fitness equipment, fast, smooth and long time, generally four or five years old children are not as good as his kung fu deep, often attracted the fitness crowd of people. Wei aunt laughed and said: "little more than a year old toddler just started, the more practice the more strong legs……" read more

West District of Xining city hit five battle started

March 15th, clean home circle, create civilization, volunteers in action environmental sanitation clean-up activities will be synchronized in all the streets of the West District, opened the prelude to the city hit a battle. It is reported that the battle will hit the city this year to the west area of the people’s sense of happiness and satisfaction for the pursuit of the "national civilized city evaluation system" as the basis, work in five aspects, grasp the key, details, break. read more

The hearts of the people under the pen of the truth

2016 November 30th, from the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng speech in the province’s public opinion forum just a week past. Qinghai daily news reporter went to Huzhu Tu Autonomous County town of fifty classes Yan Village Grassroots development". The winter season, the reporter in the eye is a be in full swing scene: neat rows of houses, a regular Village Road, new village comprehensive service center and Cultural Plaza, happy busy moving out from the village, just ditch the village a vitality. The newspaper reporter villagers pulled into his window that shiny new homes, pulled a homemade all sorts of gossip. For 4 days, the reporter walked through the village in the field, recording every honest words, every happy smile: "we have been surrounded by a true sense of happiness!" In December 5th, the "Qinghai daily" front page, four edition of linkage, depth of class "Yan Cun reports illustrated, the more rewarding the" good day "new life" to launch a new scene, with the communication soil with 4 color picture, to show the life view of village relocation of poverty to the people of the province, with many the behavior reported touches with deep feeling of applause. read more

Xining once again open the door to the world

Advanced United StatesThe association of medical technology:

the first international high level meeting was born

in August this year, the provincial Party committee, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao and the United States Advanced Medical Technology Association executive vice president of global · Ralph; Avis will strengthen the medical and health related industry exchanges and cooperation are sincere, friendly and in-depth talks, made a lot of consensus in promoting world advanced medical technology and medical technology, promote the exchange of Xining advanced medical technology in Xining City, to carry out scientific research and clinical application of health industry exchanges and cooperation, which contributed to the American advanced medical technology association in Xining, and held a Council in 2015 the United States advanced medical technology association in Xining in November 19th.

more than 1 thousand and 600 business services China patients

drive Xining medical science and technology development read more

Xining will go to World Expo Milan show charm

leveraging "The Belt and Road" construction, Xining is facing a rare historical opportunity, this year, the municipal government to speed up the pace of opening up, with an open attitude, open wisdom, planning a new round of progress and development. In July 24th, with the 2015 Italy World Expo in Milan, Xining will go abroad again, to show the world of infinite charm, through participation in organized cultural, economic and trade activities, to further promote exchanges and cooperation between Xining and the international economy and culture, expand the opening to the outside world. read more

West District the first batch of enterprises to enter the signing ceremony was held yesterday 15 y

March 26th, the West District of Xining City, the first batch of incubatee signing ceremony was held in the West District Collegiate Business Incubation Center, 15 young entrepreneurs in the solemn agreement after signing with his team and dream to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship.

West District college students incubation center by the West District People’s government invested 17 million yuan, with a total area of 1170 square meters, can accommodate up to 36 start-up companies settled. Incubation center room area ranging from 9 square meters to 20 square meters, inside the incubator, business service area, management area, facilities, and is equipped with the enterprise management, expert consultation, finance, human resources service platform four. Settled, the company can enjoy the rent subsidies, subsidies, job subsidies, social security subsidies, tax relief, small loan guarantees and other financial incentives and other preferential policies. Although there are so many preferential policies, but not all enterprises can be settled. Combined with the development orientation of the West District, the incubator center will give priority to modern science and technology services, logistics, film and television production, business, design, training and education, animation, electronic technology, cultural media, such as small and micro enterprises settled. Therefore, in the initial registration of more than 280 projects, the relevant departments of the west district through layers of screening, the final determination of the tourism exhibition, courier projects, such as the 15 projects settled in non-ferrous trading center. read more

The province’s most beautiful family of 1685

The reporter learned from the provincial women’s Federation, the province recently held related activities, in recognition of 1000 family harmony civilization model family and one thousand beautiful small garden (beautiful rooms) demonstration households, the province in 2015 announced the 100 most beautiful family, showing colorful civilization and harmonious family in our province the creation process, leading to more people participate in the "harmonious civilized family" and create "let the most beautiful family around the beauty of Qinghai" activities, to promote social harmony and harmonious family construction. Up to now, the province’s emergence of lively and amiable, authentic, excellent learning of the most beautiful family 1685, of which 4 families to get the country’s most beautiful family title.
read more

Sanjiang source two project investment has been more than 800 million yuan

Reporters from the

office and the construction of ecological protection was informed that, as of the end of October, our province has completed Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction of the two phase of the project investment amounted to 810 million yuan, accounting for 95% of the annual target task in 2016, is expected to fully completed by the end of the annual target task.

It is reported that in 2016

, Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction of the two phase of the project investment projects have been fully implemented, including the implementation of the central budget for investment 700 million yuan, the provincial financial loaning project investment 300 million yuan last year, the central special transfer project investment 50 million 380 thousand yuan, the original channel pasturelandrehabilitation project to invest 88 million 400 thousand yuan, the implementation of investment 1 billion 130 million yuan. This year to ensure the completion of 850 million yuan, and strive to complete the project investment of $1 billion and the corresponding construction tasks. 810 million yuan in the project has been invested, including sealed sand grass, closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation, reforestation, forest seedling base construction, wetland protection, soil management, pest control, grassland ecological animal husbandry infrastructure construction, forest pest prevention and control, rural energy construction project of ecological monitoring, publicity and education and training and a series of projects. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of commerce with chuangxianzhengyou actively linking point helping activitie

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce to carry out good activities in the first stage, several in-depth contact point to guide poor village Nian Jia Zhuang village Party branch to carry out the chuangxianzhengyou activity, bureau Party Secretary Yang Xiaomin of the village Party branch to carry out chuangxianzhengyou activity conducted a number of comments: one is to take Deng Xiaoping theory and "Three Represents" the important thoughts and Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, to further improve the quality of village Party, enhance the party’s creativity, cohesion and fighting capacity read more

Xining City Commission for Discipline nspection and Supervision Bureau to carry out three theme of

July 5th, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau to actively respond to the unified deployment of the Municipal Committee, held in a timely manner, the Commission to establish and adhere to the correct concept of career, work concept, the theme of the concept of performance practice mobilization. Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Gao Xinrong mobilization speech.

Gao Xinrong stressed that improving the ideological understanding, and carry out good City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau "through" theme of practical activities. To carry out the establish and adhere to the correct career outlook, outlook, outlook on the theme of practical activities, according to the unified deployment of early municipal twelve plenary meeting of the eight session, conducted an important activity to strengthen the ideological construction of cadres. The municipal Party committee to carry out this activity to the task of our City Commission for Discipline Inspection responsible, fully embodies the party’s trust, we must organize the "threeoutlooks" theme of practical activities. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out a solid Commission, the Bureau’s own activities. In order to fulfill their duties as loyal guards of the party, chuangxianzhengyou when the masses close person "as the carrier, attaches great importance to the ideological, quick action, focus, implement the plan, to ensure that the campaign is effective. read more

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out a unified inventory of public entertainment ser

May 11th 21, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Ministry of public security departments to organize the District branch of the city’s entertainment venues to carry out centralized and unified inventory action four

5 11, when the City Public Security Bureau, the supervision department of the organization of the District branch of the city’s entertainment venues to carry out centralized and unified inventory action on behalf of the city of, four. The action is in accordance with the unified arrangements, an inventory operation also carried out within the city, focusing on the city’s Manyao bar, bar memory in the "yellow, gambling, drugs, prostitution and other criminal acts and illegally carry knives were unified inventory. The next step, the city’s public security departments at all levels will continue to "what serious security problems focus on resolving what security issues, working principle where law where chaos is the focus of remediation", strengthen control, continuously strengthen the comprehensive improvement of public security work, to crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal acts endangering people’s lives and property safety, to ensure the in order to create a good environment and good stability, safe and stable for the province, "Congress" held a victory. read more

To invest 200 million yuan to the Huangshui river changed

The Huangshui River as the mother river to nourish the people of Qinghai, Huangshui River clear or not affects the people’s heart, over the years the province of the Huangshui River governance has not stopped, the beginning of this year, our province will invest 200 million yuan standard transformation, from 9 aspects to strengthen the industrial wastewater treatment and water pollution control. Let the Huangshui river changed again.

Xining snacks allow visitors to experience the taste of the tongue

"Come to Xining must eat local snacks! Xining snacks price is not expensive, unique taste. Today, we are one family here to taste niangpi. This shop filled with people, we had to carry the bowl to eat outside niangpi. This stuff is really good. We also eat sweet grains and yogurt for a while." July 19th, in the city of a business booming snack shops, tourists from Sichuan Zhang praised Xining snacks. In recent days, some of the snack bar in Mo street, wells lane, Garden Street, the reporter saw, I come to vacation leisure city tourists have a taste of Xining snacks, a sinseong hoe, enjoyable. read more

To solve the things concerning the masses really

The day before, the first provincial steering group leader, former deputy director of the Standing Committee Liu Xiao pomp, do not say hello, the deep part of Huangyuan County township of Xining city in rural areas to guide the party’s mass line educational practice activities.

when Party cadres and grassroots masses "line above a layer, below a layer", "Gongchesiyong past commonplace thing now feel shame" and other words, Liu Xiao pointed out that the grass-roots party members and cadres have met in the future, to clear the key task, attach great importance to overall planning, promote educational practice in depth; close to reality, with the unity of thinking, focus on four winds to find the problem solving, treat the masses chill push "bad style, so that the people involved; to help to solve the problem of the masses problem oriented, learning while improving, Li said Li line, Li Li line change, start from the trivial, really solve the immediate interests concerning the masses of things, the style of construction, to do all the work Strict and orderly educational practice.   read more

Xining city government to expand the number of legal advisers

In order to accelerate the construction of the government under the rule of law, expand the number of days before the Xining municipal government will be the legal adviser to 31 people. Last year, the government legal adviser in a sound and basis of optimizing organization structure, adjust and enrich the team, to create the conditions for the better service to the municipal government administration according to law and government by law construction work, laid the foundation.

South Township institutions for retired soldiers open recruitment staff written examination smoothly

8 month 16 days, more than 400 soldiers lined up ready, dressed in military uniform solid steps into the Northern Campus of Qinghai Normal University exam exam, opened the curtain of township business units written in southern area of Qinghai Province in 2016 for the retired soldiers of the open recruitment of staff. This year the number of candidates and candidates have a substantial increase in academic levels than in previous years.

It is reported that according to

, issued by the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Commission Office, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the provincial Civil Affairs Department and other departments of the township in the south of Qinghai "career oriented retired soldiers open recruitment of staff to (2013-2017)" and "Qinghai provincial public institutions to recruit staff measures" provisions, in the south of Qinghai a total of 101 townships in 14 counties each year to recruit 50 township institution staff, recruitment for the service in the province of the year to retired soldiers. This year, recruitment information released on July 28th, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the provincial military command, Armed Police Corps in accordance with the notification requirements of the Qinghai, in the various forces in the open recruitment information and organizational registration. According to statistics, the province a total of 461 soldiers in 2016 to apply for registration, including male soldiers of 421 people, the number of female recruitment of 40 posts and the average number of applicants was 1:9.2. read more

There is no case of H7N9 avian influenza in our province

Reporters learned from the provincial CDC, at present, the province has not yet received a report of suspected and confirmed cases of H7N9 avian influenza. Experts remind the public of our province CDC, at present there is no effective vaccine against the disease, should try to keep the room clean, often ventilated; eating meat, eggs should be thoroughly cooked; pay attention to life utensils disinfection; if there is fever, cough and other flu like symptoms, should wear a mask and should be avoided and treatment as soon as possible; live poultry contact; to go to the hospital to visit the patient especially to the Department of respiration, should try to wear masks. read more